Small Dog on Bernal Hill Ponders Sublime Secrets of the Universe


Thanks to Brian Christensen for sharing this awesome Bernal Hill labyrinth photo in the Bernalwood Flickr group.

Clearly, someone needs to get this doggie a drone!


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Cozy Evening of Anonymous Bernal Heights Bondage Becomes a Burglary Instead


Well, if we have to report on crime, at least this is the sort of crime that’s somewhat titillating. Vivian Ho from the Chronicle reports that for one Bernal Heights resident, a recent evening of hookup and bondage went rather wrong:

The 63-year-old victim believed he was going to have sex with the man when he invited him back to his apartment on Elsie Street at 3 a.m. April 7, according to police.

But he quickly learned that his purported paramour was into bondage, and in a bad way.

While bondage is a fetish some enjoy, in this case the victim found himself tied up against his will to his bedpost with neckties, said police spokesman Officer Gordon Shyy.

As he struggled in this compromising position, the suspect took off with his laptop, cell phone and tablet.

The victim was able to free himself and file a police report at Ingleside station.

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Thursday: Bernal Filmmaker to Have Glamorous SF Premiere for New Documentary


Neighbor Samantha Grant feels like she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months, because she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months. Instead, she’s been busy jetting from film fest to film fest with her new documentary, A Fragile Trust. Luckily, now we can enjoy the fruits of her labor much closer to home, at the film’s San Francisco premiere this Thursday, April 17 at the Roxie Theater.

A Fragile Trust chronicles the infamous Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times. (Remember that? New York Times! Plagiarism! Fabrication of facts!) Grant describes it as “a character-driven narrative” about “power, ethics, representation, race, and accountability in the mainstream media.” Stay home if you’re looking for fluff, because this one promises to be thought-provoking:

If you can’t make it to the Roxie, never fear: A Fragile Trust also screens at the Rafael Film Center on Wednesday, April 23 (tickets here), and it airs nationally on PBS on May 5.

Also on the theme of ethics in journalism (and also on May 5), Neighbor Samantha and team are launching a browser-based, iPad-friendly game called Decisions on Deadline, in which players navigate “the complex and shifting world of journalism ethics as they collect facts and information to report a story.” While aimed at journalists and journalism educators, the game’s goal is “to get regular people interested in these issues,” she says.

Because after all, everyone’s a journalist these days.

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Family of Alex Nieto Begins Legal Action Against City


Bernal resident Alex Nieto was killed on Bernal Hill following an officer-involved shooting on March 21. Yesterday, attorney John Burris filed a lawsuit on behalf of Nieto’s family seeking to compel the City to provide additional information about the circumstances surrounding his death. The SF Examiner reports:

Alejandro Nieto, 28, a San Francisco resident, was killed in Bernal Heights Park after being asked to show his hands but instead drawing a stun gun that was mistaken for a real gun, according to police.

On the steps of City Hall on Monday, about 30 people held a banner asking for justice as a lawyer for the family announced the claim filing with the City Attorney’s Office and called on outside agencies to investigate the incident.

“The version of the story that the police have trotted out, we have concerns and frankly skepticism,” said Adante Pointer, one of the family’s attorneys.

The City has 45 days to respond to the claim, after which the Nieto family can sue for what it says was an unjustified killing.

However, well-known civil-rights attorney John Burris, whose firm is representing the Nietos, said any questions about the incident will never be answered under the current system, therefore the family must sue to find out what really happened.

That system of police oversight, from the Office of Citizen Complaints to the District Attorney’s Office, rarely finds police in the wrong, Burris said. Yet at least three recent incidents — a federal indictment of six officers for allegedly violating constitutional rights, a police-involved shooting that ended with a wounded officer and Nieto’s death — show they do in fact mess up and even break the laws, he said.

“It’s always justified,” said Burris of the findings of most investigations into police shootings.

Some of the questions that remain unanswered include how many times Nieto was shot, the names of the officers involved, and why police questioned the Nieto family and searched their home before informing them of Alejandro Nieto’s death.

Alex Nieto’s friends and family have created a website for him at In addition, they plan to hold monthly Burritos on Bernal tribute walks on the 21st of each month, starting this Monday, April 21 at 5 pm. The walks will begin in Precita Park, and proceed up to Bernal Hill.

PHOTO: Nieto’s father (wearing 49ers cap) and John Burris (at microphone) yesterday at City Hall. Photo by Steve Rhodes


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Sign Up Now to Get a Sidewalk Tree In Front of Your Bernal Home



Neighbor Phil Pierce live on Tompkins Street. By day he works as the community outreach coordinator for Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), the greentastic group that organizes sidewalk greenery plantings here in the City.

Neighbor Phil is spreading the word that Friends of the Urban Forest is planning a tree-planting in Bernal Heights, so if you want one in front of your house, you should sign up now:

FUF has green ($$) to make your block green!

Do you want to get a tree in front of your property?
We are coming to the Bernal Heights, and now is your chance to be a part of it!

Friends of the Urban Forest has funding to subsidize 75% of the costs to plant trees, with a Community Planting Day planned for June 14, 2014.

You only need to pay $135 and choose what species you want — then FUF will handle all of the prep work, remove the cement, provide the tree itself, and do three scheduled tree care visits over the first three years of the tree’s life to help it thrive!

For more information, visit the Bernal Heights page.
Contact, (415) 268-0772

Deadline for forms is 4/30

PHOTOS: Friends of the Urban Forest

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Selfie Drone Video Reminds Us That to Stand on Bernal Hill Is to Have a Commanding View of a Tiny Rock Hurtling Through the Cold Vacuum of Space

Check out this insanely wonderful selfie drone video created by FOBernalwood Amit Gupta.

PRO TIP: Go full screen!!!


Hat Tip: Vic Wong

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Fruitless Car Break-In Captured in Security Camera Video


Once again, a street-facing security camera has captured detailed footage of an infuriating crime in Bernal Heights. This latest incident was non-violent, fortunately, but also terribly common.

A neighbor on Elsie narrates the security camera video [Dropbox-hosted] that shows a would-be thief breaking in to her family’s car:

My husband’s car got broken into [during the week of April 7, 2014] in front of our house on Eslie, and we have it on video. It’s not as riveting as the recent robbery video that Bernalwood posted, but it’s interesting to see how they do it.

This happened at about 2am. You see a car driving slowly along the street, close to the parked cars. I am guessing they are looking for Hondas/Acuras, because they have shaved keys. They then stop in my neighbor’s driveway, and two people get out.

The first guy works on my husband’s car (black Honda) for a while, apparently not noticing that the rear passenger window (the small panel behind the main window) had been knocked out in an earlier break-in. The second guy starts working on other cars on the street. It’s hard to see because the windowframe is blocking him, but you can see him start to work (unsuccessfully) on my visiting mother-in-law’s Prius behind the Honda, then you can see his shadow as he goes across the street.

The first guy eventually gets in through the driver’s door and gets all the way into the car and shuts the door. He was rifling through stuff on the inside (everything was all over the place in my husband’s car this a.m.), and then he pops the trunk and looks inside. My husband’s car has been broken into so many times that he doesn’t leave anything – even pennies – in there. Eventually, the first guy gets out and goes back to the waiting car, and the second guy comes running up and hops in, and the car drives off.

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