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Bernal Heights Is For Lovers

A lovely photo by Dyche, taken just a few days ago. With the entire city watching, these two need to get a room! Or not. UPDATE 1/2/11 Reader Erin Veneziano was moved to create a remix of the photo shown … Continue reading

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Parking Problem on Prospect Prompts Poignant Post About Proper Notification Procedure (and a Not-Nice Neighbor)

There’s been a parking problem on Prospect Street this week which highlights a few of the themes we’ve touched on recently here at Bernalwood; namely, The Essence of Neighborliness, and the Fine Line Between Engaged Activism and NIMBY Narcissism. This … Continue reading

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Go Team! Vote for Bernal Heights vs. The Lower Haight in the Curbed Cup Final Four

After two rounds of digital combat, Bernal Heights has made an impressively strong showing in the 2010 Curbed Cup, an online competition in which the CurbedSF blog pits neighborhoods against one another to claim bragging rights and possession of a … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning on Bernal Hill, 2010 (Before the Deluge)

Fabulous! Glam! Sportif! These photos were taken early this Christmas morning by TyrellVoightKampff — presumably shortly after Santa paid his overnight visit. They come to us via the Bernalwood group on Flickr. Thanks! PS: Notice… not a fixie!

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Feliz Navidad, Bernalwood!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bernalwood. We’ll be taking it slow during the week ahead, with reduced posting volume until the New Year. Hope you’ll be taking it slow too. Enjoy the season, and enjoy the neighborhood! Photo: … Continue reading

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Crime Blotter: Bad Dad Commands Clueless Kids to Steal from Your Mailbox!

Looks like a certain someone is unlikely to win the Best Dad of the Year Award. But he remains a very viable candidate to win Stupid Douchebag Dad of the Year. From the San Francisco Examiner: Three days before Christmas, … Continue reading

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Terrible News for Bernal Heights and Mission District Jews Seeking the Traditional Christmas Dinner

Devastating news for any Bernal Heights or Mission District Jews who planned to mark Christmas Day with a traditional feast of Chinese cuisine: Mission Chinese Food, the area’s most amazing Chinese restaurant (within a Chinese restaurant), is closed until Sunday, … Continue reading

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The Lowrider Scene Outside the Precita Center Toy Drive

They held a charity toy drive at the Precita Valley Community Center last weekend, and a bunch of the fellas from a few of the local car and motorcycle clubs showed up to be charitable. Everyone was in good spirits … Continue reading

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Where Is the Location of the Evil Laboratory Where They Create All These Robot-Clone Realtors on Twitter?

Bernalwood wants to know, so we can avoid that place at all costs.

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Internet Is Killing Your Video Store: A Sobering SOS from Four Star Video on Cortland Street

If there’s one thing we all learn while living on the slopes of a big hill, it is this: In the end, we cannot evade the forces of gravity. Along the same lines, even though Bernalwood recently celebrated the fact … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Milk Punch: Our Official Complicated Cocktail for Winter 2010

Erik Ellestad runs a sweet blog called Underhill Lounge that’s about “Cocktails, Food, and Gardening South of the Hill in Bernal Heights.” The cocktail part comes first because Erik is serious about his mixology — so serious, in fact, that … Continue reading

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Intersection: Jarboe & Bronte

This intersection is fantastic at all times of the day. But especially after dark.

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What Kevin from Bernal Heights Wants Our Next Mayor to Do has compiled a collection of interviews that capture opinions on what San Franciscans want their next mayor to do. Kevin was invited to represent Bernal Heights, and he represents with gusto: I don’t like Chris Daly, and I don’t … Continue reading

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