Rumor Report: SoCha Cafe May Become a Wine Bar

socha cafe (3)

La Lengua’s chief spokesblogger Burrito Justice reports that the SoCha Cafe on Mission Street may soon become an outpost of North Beach wine bar Dell’Uva. EaterSF follows up with the note that “the manager on duty today confirms they’re in landlord negotiations for the space, but nothing is definite yet.”

This is no doubt good news to oenophiles. But it’s bad news for me, because the current cafe is terrific, and it’s one of my favorite places to get out of the house to some reading and writing. Oh well. On the other hand, a name change at SoCha might put an end, once and for all, to any lingering confusion about the proper name of the territory where the establishment is located.

Image: SoCha Cafe interior, by Carlos Almendarez

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4 Responses to Rumor Report: SoCha Cafe May Become a Wine Bar

  1. johnny0 says:

    Eater: “Outer Mission” my ass.

  2. YoJess says:

    I created a handy guide for local bloggers about the name of this area after years of frustration:

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