What Kevin from Bernal Heights Wants Our Next Mayor to Do

NextMayorSF.com has compiled a collection of interviews that capture opinions on what San Franciscans want their next mayor to do.

Kevin was invited to represent Bernal Heights, and he represents with gusto:

I don’t like Chris Daly, and I don’t want Tom Ammiano. I get really tired of those progressives who only have one issue: the poor, the poor, the poor. Well, I’m a middle class guy who spent 19 years saving money to buy a house in San Francisco, and they don’t care about me. No one really cares about the middle class in San Francisco. You’re either really poor, or you’re really rich. The rest of us in San Francisco — no one really cares about us.

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5 Responses to What Kevin from Bernal Heights Wants Our Next Mayor to Do

  1. aidan says:

    Hear hear! This guy hit the nail on the head. Let’s make HIM mayor!

  2. This guy and his partner can buy a house in San Francisco from their business cleaning other people’s houses? More power to them! I’d call him working class in that case, not middle class, but the wonderful thing about America is that everyone gets to call themselves middle class. However, I have no idea from his statement what he wants a new mayor to do for him and the other “middle class” people like him.

  3. mattymatt says:

    San Francisco! Where it takes two decades to save up enough money to buy a house. In the cheap part of town.

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