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Holiday Gift Ideas from Our Neighborhood Weedmonger

The Bernal Heights Collective is a dispensary that operates from a storefront on 29th Street, just west of Mission. Given the location, it should properly be called the La Lengua Collective, but we’ll let that that drop for now. Harder … Continue reading

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Excellent Art and Seasonal Cheer at Secession Friday Night

I’ve become a big big fan of Secession Art and Design on Mission Street — so much so that I’ve spent a small pile of money there during the last few years. Others have taken notice too: The commie pinkos … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Reports on Current Trends in Earthquake Science, Predicts Possible Hipster Exodus from The Mission

Julian Lozos, Bernalwood’s Senior Seismologist, has spent much of this week at the American Geophysical Union’s AGU 2010 conference, which is taking place downtown at the Moscone Convention Center. Julian filed this report to update us on the latest scientific … Continue reading

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Rumor Report: SoCha Cafe May Become a Wine Bar

La Lengua’s chief spokesblogger Burrito Justice reports that the SoCha Cafe on Mission Street may soon become an outpost of North Beach wine bar Dell’Uva. EaterSF follows up with the note that “the manager on duty today confirms they’re in … Continue reading

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Self-Proclaimed “King of Bernal Heights” Does Rude Things With His Nose, Uses Boldface Recklessly, Has Not Visited Paris

Meet Brady Bear, the “King of Bernal Heights.” Who made him king? I didn’t vote for him! This is the sort of unfortunate thing that happens when you give a dog a blog: I’m the king of Bernal Heights .. … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Jarboe & Ellsworth

As seen on the south slope early one morning around 8:30am. On overcast mornings such as this, the dramatic blue and subtle orange-yellow color palette practically make this house pop off the block. I’ve yet to meet the new owners. … Continue reading

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The New Pavement on Bernal Heights Boulevard Makes It Feel Like Mulholland Drive (In a Good Way)

Our City recently repaved Bernal Heights Boulevard. Yay City! Yay Infrastructure! The new road is so very smooth, which makes for happier motoring. (Or biking, or skateboarding, or go-carting, or whatever.)  The new road is also so very black, with … Continue reading

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Haughty Hipster Hacks Bernal Heights Hill Problem

Reacting to my armchair theorizing about the deterrent effect Bernal’s hill may have upon fixie-loving hipsters, Vic Wong sent us a link to the above photo of Folsom Street, boasting: Ha! I leveled your dumb streets so I can ride … Continue reading

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Have Faith: Cute Bernal Heights Home For Sale Cheap(er)

Here’s a handsome opportunity for wannabe Bernalwoodians. (Bernalwooders? Bernalwoodistas?) CurbedSF tells us this spiffy house at 137 Faith Street on Bernal’s east slope is for sale, and now at a lower price: A few months ago we brought your attention … Continue reading

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This Old Tree Is Actually the Most Unpretentious Bernal Heights Native You’ll Ever Meet

San Francisco natives like to talk about the fact that they were born here. It’s like they’re a rare species threatened by invasives on their little peninsula. If trees could talk, this blue elderberry (Sambucus mexicana) would probably give you … Continue reading

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Hooray, We Still Have a Video Store and Bookseller on Cortland

One of the perks of last week’s Holiday Stroll on Cortland Avenue was meeting the business owners who’ve kept shop here over the years. Seen above: the interior of Four-Star Video. Seen below: the interior of Red Hill Books.

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Will the Next Mary Lou Retton Train on Bayshore Boulevard?

Did you notice that small blue sign across the street from the monster Lowe’s? With luck, 2011 might be the year that our ratty-ass Bayshore Boulevard begins to clean up its act. Word on the street is that American Gymnastics … Continue reading

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How We Report from Bernal Heights When We Report From Bernal Heights

Dollar Bin suggests drinking every time I say “reporting” or “Bernal Heights.” We suggest you do so responsibly.

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