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Pedal On: There’s a New Bike Repair Shop in Bernal Heights

Great news for local fans of human-powered vehicles: There’s a new bicycle repair shop and frame-builder at 1637 Florida Street (between Precita and Peralta) on Bernalwood’s North Slope. Actually, it’s two businesses in one: Bernal Bike for basic bicycle service, and … Continue reading

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The Oxalis Weed: An Uninvited Guest That Never Leaves

Every winter after the rain, oxalis starts popping up. Maybe even during the rain; I don’t know for sure. But one thing is certain: On that day when you glance up on a walk and think, “oh, it’s green again,” … Continue reading

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Burrito Justice Captures a 360-Degree Panorama Atop Bernal Hill

  If you can’t actually stand atop Bernal Hill at sunset, the next best thing is to look at a 360-degree panorama image taken at sunset from the same spot. This one was taken just a few minutes ago by … Continue reading

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Get Your Wine On: New “Liberty Wine Bar” Opening Next Week

Are you a oenophile? Do you know someone who is a oenophile? Or do you simply enjoy saying the word “oenophile?” If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, you’ll be glad to know that the folks at Liberty … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Folsom Street Skull House

Amid all the predictable (if tedious) gnashing-of-teeth one hears about the transformation of Bernal Heights from the working class enclave it was a few decades ago to the middle class oasis it is today, it’s nice to find some pockets … Continue reading

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Crime Watch: Coordinated Muggings (and How to Avoid Them)

Over on the Bernalsafe mailing list, there’s been a flurry of chatter for the last few days about a rash of muggings (and attempted muggings) that have taken place recently along the Tompkins Street corridor, just south of Cortland.  Most … Continue reading

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It’s Summer in Winter on Cortland

Yesterday Brady Lea captured the improbable perfection of the balmy January weather we’ve enjoyed during the last few days. If only it was this balmy in July!

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Missing Person: A Woman’s Father is Homeless, and He Has Been Sighted in Bernal Heights

Have you seen this man? Last week the SFWeekly ran an article about Kelli Christensen, a woman who is searching for her father. Her dad, Marty Christensen (shown above), is homeless and has been out of contact for decades. Now an anonymous … Continue reading

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Twilight Sunday Atop Bernal Hill, with Greyhound

Thanks to Randy Antin, for sending the photo along.

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Stereotypes Defied: A Charming and Earnest Ode to WalMart

Although this song has nothing to do with Bernal Heights per se, there’s something about it that seems congruent with the spirit of our neighborhood — precisely because it also runs contrary to the spirit of our neighborhood. Written and … Continue reading

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Uppity Blogger Argues for La Lengua Autonomy, Admits to Expansionist Ambitions

Our friends at CurbedSF have posted a revealing interview with Burrito Justice, the chief spokesblogger and armchair insurrectionist for La Lengua, the uppity “microhood” that lies in the ambiguous flatlands at the foot of Bernal’s western slope. Tell us something … Continue reading

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The New York Times Touts Our Local Purveyor of Perfect Food for Pampered Pets

You eat local. You eat slowly. You buy organic food. If all that is good for you, isn’t it reasonable to assume the same is true for your pet as well? In the food section of Wednesday’s New York Times, … Continue reading

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Hungry Moms Give Shout-Out for Sandbox Bakery Sandwiches

A Little Yumminess is a blog about ” experiences as moms pursuing a passion for eating and cooking & sharing food adventures with our kids.” Said moms visited Cortland recently, and came away with happy bellies: A highlight of a … Continue reading

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