Then And Now: What Became of Those “Working Class Houses” on Hampshire Street?

Bernal Hill, San Francisco

Last week Bernalwood introduced you to Dave Glass, a wonderful San Francisco photographer who has amassed a continuous body of work that dates back to the 1960s.

Now it’s time for another installment of the Dave Glass Bernal Heights Then-And-Now Comparison Show. This week, we again travel back to 1982, to take a look at the corner of Hampshire and Peralta, on Bernal’s north side, where Dave photographed what he calls “working class housing.”

So what does it look like now? Dave says that today “these are expensive little homes with modern upgrades and city views.” Judging from this photo I took on December 24, 2010, it sure seems that he’s right:

Peralta at Hampshire (2010)

Photos: 1982, Dave Glass. 2010, Telstar Logistics

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7 Responses to Then And Now: What Became of Those “Working Class Houses” on Hampshire Street?

  1. phern says:

    I can barely see any difference in the 2 photos.

  2. alaamber says:

    nicer cars

  3. Todd_Lappin says:

    Yup. Some fresh coats of paints, and (once again) the Hondas.

  4. friscolex says:

    I cannot imagine the day when I will be done with then-and-now bits. Thanks!

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  6. Recycle Bob says:

    I’ve been there since 1983. In that time the prices for these homes have been in the $800-900K range, a little lower now, but still $600-700K over the 1982 prices. So much for “Working Class”!

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