Hungry Moms Give Shout-Out for Sandbox Bakery Sandwiches

A Little Yumminess is a blog about ” experiences as moms pursuing a passion for eating and cooking & sharing food adventures with our kids.” Said moms visited Cortland recently, and came away with happy bellies:

A highlight of a recent adventure to Bernal Heights with my friend Rachel and our little ones, was one of the best sandwiches in recent memory at Sandbox Bakery. Check out this beauty: whole wheat roll with toasted hazelnuts, thick cut smokey bacon, roasted tomatoes and arugula. Can you say yum? In addition to this epic BLT we sampled a chili dog (one of their other sandwiches du jour), and of course some sweet treats including a cupcake with passionfruit buttercream. Big thumbs up from us moms for their excellent coffee and espresso drinks as well. The shop is tiny making it a little challenging as a sit-down lunch stop with kids. There are just a few stools inside and strollers definitely get in the way. If you get lucky, there might be a spot on one of the benches out front.
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3 Responses to Hungry Moms Give Shout-Out for Sandbox Bakery Sandwiches

  1. Phern Hunt says:

    Sandbox Bakery — 833 Cortland

  2. J says:

    the chili dog is the fucking bomb!!!!!! (to use proper french)
    it might be the best chili dog ever with bacon chili and bacon on top
    i highly recommend a horn of chocolate if you can get one

  3. Bobby D. says:

    IMO Sandbox is every bit as good as Tartine, just without the insane line around the block.

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