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An Impolitic Question You May or May Not Want to Answer

Someone posted a rather impolitic question on Quora, one of those crowdsourced online question-and-answer services: I’m not going to touch this one — because a) I’m a hetero guy, and b) I spend more time at El Rio than Wild … Continue reading

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The Western Vista, As Seen in Full PanoramaVision

Erica Kei used a nifty iPhone app to capture a 360-degree panorama of the view from the Coleridge Mini Park on Bernalwood’s western slope. Click through to spin the image, and prepare to say, “Ooooooooh!  Aaaaaaaah!”

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House Portrait: Did Patty Hearst Sleep Here?

During her unfortunate “Tania” phase, did Patty Hearst hole up in this house on Precita Aveneue? Perhaps. In court, she later testified that she’d visited this house at 288 Precita once. In 1975, during the Patty Hearst kidnapping, this was … Continue reading

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Fogalicious Bernalwood

The wheel of karma made this inevitable: Since Sunday was so sunny and glorious, Monday must bring the fog. Luckily for us, both are beautiful. Photo: Bernal Heights at 5:38 pm on January 17, 2011, by chuck b

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A Beatnik View of Bernal Heights

Thanks to a free jazz soundtrack, some funky lens filters, an odd camera orientation, and a meandering point-of-view, this new video by Carlos Fernandez probably captures what Bernal Heights would look like if a beatnik from 1960 traveled through time … Continue reading

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Italian Meatball Lunch at Immaculate Conception Church

A confession: When I read about this event, I immediately experienced a powerful Pavlovian Response. If you’re around the ‘hood tomorrow at noon, you might want to stop by the St. Anthony’s Immaculate Conception Church for a benefit lunch: Jan. … Continue reading

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It Was a Beautiful Sunday to Go Fly the Dog

We don’t have a dog. But we do have a doggie kite. And since it was such a lovely weekend, my 3 year-old and I decided to take our doggie kite up to Bernal Heights Park, to go flying with … Continue reading

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