What Do Fox News and Bernalwood Have In Common?


Fox News got the memo about Bernal’s Coca-Cola mural controversy.

So what do Fox News and Bernalwood have in common?

Normally, almost nothing (apart from the fact that we’re both fair and balanced). But this week…

  1. We both think the City’s jihad against a 70 year-old Coca-Cola mural in Bernal Heights is absurd, and…
  2. We both wonder why the San Francisco Planning Department hates America so much.
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4 Responses to What Do Fox News and Bernalwood Have In Common?

  1. J says:

    i am so glad that they recognized that we are in uproar here in bernal!

  2. Art Siegel says:

    That was such a lightweight Fox item. I expected them to link Campos’ former status as an illegal alien, his campaign to stop deporting undocumented juveniles charged with serious crimes, and his apparent hatred for Coca Cola and Americana.. and maybe throw in Al Qaeda somewhere too while they’re at it.

  3. someJuan says:

    Did you read the related comments on the Fox website? Yikes.

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