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Is This “Bernal Heights at Its Most Bernal Heightsiest?”

That’s how SFist described this photo by Bernalwood’s own Troy Holden. We’d beg to differ, because the photo omits a small dog, a Ferrari, an opulent mansion, and a supermodel lounging by a swimming pool. But perhaps we quibble… Photo: … Continue reading

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Ski Bernalwood: Your Official Trail Map for San Francisco’s Premier Wintersports Resort

While rained in Bernal Heights last week, it snowed hard in Lake Tahoe — so much so that some ski resorts got more than 100″ of snow. It was cold here, too, so snow even fell on nearby Mt. Tam … Continue reading

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Then and Now: Precita Park at Alabama, 1928 vs. 2011

Here’s a fun one-two punch from the Bernalwood Time Machine. The photo above shows the corner of Precita and Alabama, at the eastern end of Precita Park, as it looked in 1928. Here’s how it looks now: Comparing the images, … Continue reading

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The Shocking Thing I Witnessed When I Walked Into Avedano’s

Oh my. This is the spectacle that greeted me when I walked into Avedano’s last weekend. They don’t mess around in that place. Photo: Telstar Logistics

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7 Coca-Colas, 7 Dr. Peppers

As seen on the south slope.

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The Bandit in Bernal Heights?

Yeah yeah, so it’s a Firebird instead of a proper Trans-Am. But still… with that gloss black paint reflecting Bernal Hill so perfectly on the rear quarter panel, this CB-era Pontiac would accessorize rather nicely with your Burt Reynolds costume, … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Warm Sun That Follows a Cold Rain

After almost a week of cold, driving rain, it felt so fantastic to feel of the warm sun on my face yesterday while soaking up the verdant energy of Bernal Hill in full bloom. Photos: Telstar Logistics

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Off the Hill: A Sexy Chef, A Busted Bike Thief, and Tom Ammiano’s Ideas About Selling Weed

Let’s explore the world beyond Bernal Heights, shall we? Superb Historic Photos of Snowstorms in San Francisco (SFGate) Tom Ammiano Wants to Make It Profitable to Sell Pot (The Snitch) Vigilante Cyclists Identify and Photograph Mission Bicycle Thief (Uptown Almanac) Waterfront … Continue reading

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NIMBY vs. Vintage Sign: The Lost History of the Former Tipton’s Grocery Store

Interesting things are happening in the comments to Bernalwood’s post about the NIMBY who prompted the City to declare a vintage Coca-Cola billboard illegal. Apart from some enlightened thinking about where personal neurosis should end and personal responsibility begin, our … Continue reading

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Does This View from One Rincon Tower Make Our Hill Look Fat?

When you look downtown from atop Bernal Hill, one of the most prominent landmarks you notice is One Ricon Tower, the big skyscraper near the Bay Bridge that looks like a gigantic Ionic Breeze air purifier. But what does the … Continue reading

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Style Network Uses Stylish Bernalwood Home As Location for Stylish TV Show

Reader Molli Amara submitted some news via the Bernalwood hotline about a camera crew from the Style Network that’s shooting an episode of a TV show in our stylish neighborhood. (Luckily, no one told them about our unstylish dirt-fountain. Shhhhh!) … Continue reading

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Your Bernalwood Real Estate Report for February

Danielle Lazier is a realtor with Zephyr Real Estate, and the author of SFHotlist. She offered to send along an update on residential sales trends in our sexy and glamorous neighborhood, so I took her up on the offer. Here’s what … Continue reading

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“Lassie” Clone Spotted, Sequel Scriptwriting Begins

Is someone filming a “Lassie” remake on Bernal Hill? And if not, someone should. Mvagustaago shared this photo with Bernalwood, and it instantly reminded us of this: I mean, the script practically writes itself… LASSIE: Woof! Woof! Woof! CONCERNED NEIGHBOR: Hi … Continue reading

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