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Your Ski Bernalwood Snow Report for Feb. 25, 2011

Wow. That was an intense storm that blew through early this morning. And when I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee, I noticed some snow(ish) accumulation in the back yard: “If there’s snow(ish) here, there might even be … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, a Discussion About the Mural on the Bernal Heights Library

Great news! If you’ve enjoyed gnashing your teeth over the fate of Bernal’s historic Coca-Cola mural, you’ll be glad to know that you can also gnash your teeth during an upcoming series of meetings to discuss the future of the … Continue reading

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Matched Pair: Lil’ Red House and the Lil’ Red Pickup Truck

I don’t know which came first: the immaculate 1949 Ford pickup or the beautifully restored house on Wool Street. Whatever the order, the truck was blocking the driveway of the house, so it’s safe to assume they’re a pair. And … Continue reading

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Supervisor David Campos Unsure If Historic Mural is Worth Saving

First, the good news: The effort to save Bernal’s historic Coca-Cola mural is gaining widespread media attention, spreading from this blog, to the SF Examiner, to the San Francisco Chronicle. Now the bad news: Supervisor David Campos is apparently unsure if … Continue reading

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A Secret View of the Hidden Precita Valley

On some level, anyone who lives in this City learns that there are really two San Franciscos: The public City we see at street level, and the secret City that’s only visible from private back yards. Though not much distance … Continue reading

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It’s Really Old, Really: Evidence Proves Historic Provenance of Threatened Coca-Cola Mural

So the deadline is fast approaching in the matter of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Historic Coke Mural Beloved by The Neighbors of Bernalwood. As you may recall, after a whinging NIMBY complained to the City about the presence of the vintage Coca-Cola … Continue reading

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Is This “Bernal Heights at Its Most Bernal Heightsiest?”

That’s how SFist described this photo by Bernalwood’s own Troy Holden. We’d beg to differ, because the photo omits a small dog, a Ferrari, an opulent mansion, and a supermodel lounging by a swimming pool. But perhaps we quibble… Photo: … Continue reading

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