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The Hot Spot for the Short Crowd on a Balmy Afternoon

After a week of steady rain, the arrival of warm spring days released a lot of pent-up demand among the preschool crowd for some outdoor recreation. As temperatures hovered around 75 yesterday afternoon, the playground at Precita Park was jumping. … Continue reading

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Spring is Here

Did anybody notice how the temperature rose 10 degrees on Wednesday afternoon? One minute, I’m sitting in the shade at the Giants’ game thinking that I should put my jacket on, then suddenly there’s a warm wind blowing in my … Continue reading

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How Will New Ownership Change the Old Clam House?

As if to prove that even the most timeless institutions don’t stay the same forever, change has come to the Old Clam House. The venerable eatery along Bernalwood’s eastern frontier has been in business since the days when Bayshore Boulevard … Continue reading

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Boston Artist Paints Pictures of Bernal Heights Homes

Artist Leah Giberson lives in Boston.  She’s only visited Bernal Heights once, but she developed an instant affinity for our neighborhood — an affinity that she’s now translated into a pair of paintings about local homes. In a note to … Continue reading

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Who Is the Mysterious Swordsman of Bernal Hill?

Did you happen to see a stray ninja on Bernal Hill last weekend? Or some dude who looked like he made a wrong turn on the way home from a Dungeons and Dragons marathon? Over on the Bernalsafe mailing list, … Continue reading

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What a 20something Sees When He Looks at Bernalwood

Ah, to be young and single and living in Bernal Heights. Sure, there are challenges — OMG! So many baby strollers! So many restaurants with abstract names! — but overall it’s pretty chill. Or so says Zane Michael on Nabewise, … Continue reading

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Wildflower of the Moment: Shooting Stars

Ashley Wolff wrote to Bernalwood recently with another update on what’s blooming right now: Scattered on the steepest part of the Hill’s north slope is a member of the primrose family called the Shooting Star. Shooting star describes the flower shape: the … Continue reading

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