La Lengua Receives Official Recognition on the Map That Matters Most

I don’t know whether to laugh, sing, or declare martial law, but regardless…

Our uppity neighbors to the west, aka the vassals of La Lengua, have received some noteworthy recognition of their autonomous status — in the form of a unique neighborhood label on Google Maps. Check out the screen capture above, or look for yourself.

The Overlords of Bernalwood send congratulations to the Denizens of La Lengua. Si se pueda, juevos rancheros, and all that…

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14 Responses to La Lengua Receives Official Recognition on the Map That Matters Most

  1. Brent says:

    I never thought that was part of Noe or Bernal. I always believed it to be the thread that connects Inner and Outer Mission, and didn’t really care if it was Inner or Outer. I always describe Bernal as being bounded by 101/Bayshore, 280/Alemany, Cesar Chavez and Mission. Was that previously inaccurate?

    • Todd_Lappin says:

      Inaccurate? Well, that would depend on who you’d asked…

      The larger point is that the La Lenguans now have an identity of their own, and revolutionary zeal, and because Bernalwood is generous and munificent, we have allowed them to establish their autonomous enclave without creating a fuss.

  2. Art says:

    That’s La Lengua? I thought is was TriWeBe, the triangle west of Bernal.

  3. Janet C says:

    Outer Mission is past Geneva. Once you cross over 280 on Mission you are in the Excelsior. La Lengua is nowhere near Outer Mission. And look, Wikipedia agrees with me.,_San_Francisco

    Viva La Lengua!

  4. J says:

    outer mission does get shafted, because no one knows where it is, and even those that do, dont really want to go there

    congrats to la lengua, just dont f*** up your big chance ;)

  5. Tex says:

    Wait – It’s Photoshopped, right? Doesn’t show up on Google here. And I proudly live in La Lengua.

    • Tex says:

      Disregard. I take it back. Works in Safari but not in Firefox. Awesome.

      • It also depends on what country’s Google Maps you go to – or shows for instance (also varies by browser).

        Some non-roman alphabet sites that transliterate place names are already showing La Lengua — has it in English, but not in katakana.

        I can only imagine the logistics behind rolling out Google map tile updates.

  6. Derek says:

    Whatever happended to SoCha? Bernal Flats?

  7. Mikey M says:

    Google Maps is confusing. They have “The Castro” and “Castro” as side-by-side hoods.

  8. Sam C says:

    Hm. Strange – it’s disappeared from Google Maps. Wanted to show a friend and now it’s gone! :(

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