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Wildflowers Gone Wild in Bernalwood

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, and wildflowers have been making a lot of seasonal cameo appearances in the Bernalwood photo group over on the Flickr. Let’s gawk: Twin Peaks from Bernal Hill with an abundance of yellow flowers … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Fancy-Shmancy Tequila to Pair with Your Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

There’s plywood and construction netting covering El Amigos Cantina, the bar on the corner of Mission and Virginia that’s connected at the hip with Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack. El Amigos was an odd but not unpleasant place to grab a drink … Continue reading

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Music and Bottomless PBR at Wild Side West, Sunday

This musical event announcement arrived via the pneumatic tube that connects Bernalwood’s editorial facility with the outside world: My name is Cristina and I perform music and make stuff under the moniker of The Heated. I wanted to let you know … Continue reading

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Oh. My. God. This. Sutro. Tower. Tattoo!

Anyone who’s ever gone for a stroll on Bernal Hill knows that even though Sutro Tower isn’t properly part of the Dominion of Bernalwood, the landmark tower on Twin Peaks is an essential part of our landscape. So we took … Continue reading

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How to Flee From Door-to-Door Canvassers Without Pants

I have a big window in my front door, and I’ll admit to using it to my advantage when it comes to canvassers… it only shows the top half of me, so… it might be to their advantage too.

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Planned Parenthood Protestors Are Likely Breaking the Law

Bernalwood brings you this legal analysis from our  Pregnant Reporter, Jennifer Phillips A few days ago, MissionLoc@l ran a story about the anti-abortion protesters in front of the new Planned Parenthood clinic on Valencia Street. I live just a few … Continue reading

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Yarn Bomb Detonates on Wool Street

Funny coincidence… In the car yesterday, I listened to an NPR piece about Captain Hook, a guerilla street artist who knits sweaters and scarves for statues and monuments in Los Angeles. The practice is called yarn bombing, and it’s happening in … Continue reading

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Bernalwood Author Envisions Attack by Cute Zombie Bunnies

If there are two things Bernalwood boasts in spades, it’s creative types and kids. One of the former, six-year hill resident Aaron Ximm — my husband! — officially became a capital-A author yesterday with the publication of his first book, … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms Bring Intense Beauty and Heavy Metaphors

So, how are you feeling today? Kind of happy? Somewhat euphoric? Yet are you also experiencing a heightened awareness of the ephemerality of beauty — and life itself? Don’t panic… this is all perfectly seasonal. It’s cherry blossom time, after … Continue reading

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Can You Identify Mystery Man Found Unconscious In Bernal Heights?

This is hot off the wire from the San Francisco Appeal: Hospital officials in San Francisco are trying to identify a patient who was admitted two weeks ago in critical condition after being found unconscious on a Bernal Heights street. … Continue reading

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The Cottage by the Reservoir (and the Day it Was Demolished)

Here’s a special celebrity guest post by Vicky Walker of the excellent Bernal History Project. Vicky shares a charming tale about a charming house that sat on Elsie Street, alongside the College Hill Reservoir, for 100 years. As a special bonus, … Continue reading

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Beachcombing Birds Vacation in Bernalwood

As we all know, Bernalwood is basically a landlocked mountain. It’s great for rugged hikes and soaring vistas, but it’s not so ideal if you want to hang out on the beach. Nevertheless, our neighborhood still attracts some waterfowl tourism, … Continue reading

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Anti-Obama Provocateurs Crave Attention on Cortland

A merchant on Cortland sent along this photo taken a few minutes ago, adding: I asked him to leave and he called me a fat assed bigot LOL! It is causing a kerfuffle. Charming! The poster itself is an unsubtle piece of … Continue reading

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