Cherry Blossoms Bring Intense Beauty and Heavy Metaphors

Red Hill Sakura
So, how are you feeling today? Kind of happy? Somewhat euphoric? Yet are you also experiencing a heightened awareness of the ephemerality of beauty — and life itself?

Don’t panic… this is all perfectly seasonal. It’s cherry blossom time, after all, and as every sakura-seeker knows, cherry blossoms are the quintessential expression of Mono no aware (物の哀れ) — the Japanese aesthetic concept that highlights awareness of the inherent transience and impermanence of all things.

Sakura Like Yuki

There is no mortal cure for mono no aware, but if you find yourself slipping into excessive mawkishness, Bernalwood recommends some traditional self-medication with a good bottle of cold sake.

PHOTOS: Top, sakura tree alongside Red Hill Books on Cortland. Below, fallen sakura blossoms at Cesar Chavez and Shotwell. Photos by Telstar Logistics.

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One Response to Cherry Blossoms Bring Intense Beauty and Heavy Metaphors

  1. friscolex says:

    I was in Western Japan two weeks ago and was lucky enough to attend a hanami (sakura viewing party) and see some generally amazingly stunning sakura all over the place but seeing the petals on Shotwell made me very homesick indeed…

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