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Cortland Was Hopping on Easter Sunday

I missed all the excitement with Jesus on Friday night, but the scene on Cortland Avenue was definitely hopping when I dropped by to run a few errands on Sunday afternoon. The Easter Bunny had the run of the street, … Continue reading

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On Good Friday, Jesus Was Crucified on Bernal Hill

This Foursquare check-in from Brian Wong on Friday night certainly got my attention: Jesus is being crucified on bernal hill (@ Bernal Heights Park) Brian’s photo, shown above, was a real eye-catcher as well. Meanwhile, according to reader Roger, the reenactment took … Continue reading

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Stella and Molly Have a Moment on Bernal Hill

Reader Christina shared these fun photos of her friends Stella and Molly. She did not, however, specify which one is which. PHOTOS: tweetsweet via Flickr

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Suddenly, the Bernalwood Time Machine Travels to 1950…

Cyril_at_sf took this nicely Instagrammed iPhone pic on Richland near San Jose Avenue. There are many things to love about this photograph, but what I love most is that at first glance, it’s pretty much impossible to tell if the image … Continue reading

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Want a Tree in Front of Your South Bernal Home?

The green-thumbs at Friends of the Urban Forest are on one of their tree-planting sprees. If you live in South Bernal, and want to get a tree planted (for cheeeeep!) in front of your home, here’s the tip: Friends of … Continue reading

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Yum! Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of 331 Cortland

True confession: It took me a while to clue in to what’s going on at the 331 Cortland food market. It’s basically six gourmet kiosks congregated under one roof, but there’s more to the concept than just fancy food; 331 … Continue reading

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Hide Your iPhone, Hide Your Car: The SFPD’s Bernal Crime Summary

What?! You couldn’t make it to the community meeting at the San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside Station on Tuesday night to get some facetime with Captain Louis Cassanego? Lucky for you, reader Sarah attended… and she took some excellent notes. … Continue reading

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Coming Soon(er): Construction Begins at Precita Park Cafe

As Bernalwood reported earlier, it looks like the renovation of the storefront that will soon become the Precita Park Cafe has finally started at the corner of Precita and Alabama. The plywood is up, construction has started, and we assume … Continue reading

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What’s On the Menu at Avedano’s This Easter?

Andy Taylor took this photo inside Avadano’s on Cortland Street. This Easter, it looks like they’re serving up a blend of Hello Kitty cute, carnal omnivorous pleasure, and Catholic guilt. A delicious combination. Happy Hossenfeffer!

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Then and Now: Bernalwood’s Wild Wild West, 1975 vs. 2011

From the ever-fabulous photo archives of Dave Glass (whom we last met right here), comes this typically fabulous photo of Bernalwood’s west slope, taken during the mid-1970s. Dave’s caption explains: Foreground is Mission Street near Fair, Bernal Heights district, One … Continue reading

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An Early Morning Dogwalk in Bernalwood

Judging from his blog, it seems that Twitter user @rallyp is relatively new to Bernal Heights. But judging from this lovely photo, I suspect he (and his dog) will fit right in. A day in the life of San Francisco: … Continue reading

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Talk to Your Police Captain at SFPD’s Ingleside Station, Tonight

Have a crime or public nusiance concern? Want to talk directly to our precinct’s top cop? Then you may want to attend the community meeting tonight at 7 pm at the SFPD’s Ingleside Station. From the Bernalsafe mailing list: The … Continue reading

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Good News for Sushi Lovers in Bernal Heights

7×7 Magazine has answered a question I’ve been wondering about: In light of the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, should we be concerned about where our sushi comes from? Happily, if you get your sushi at Ichi Sushi on … Continue reading

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