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San Francisco Meat Map Includes Bernal, Omits Prime Cut

While I’m glad to see that Bernal Heights “made the cut” in Asterisk Magazine’s San Francisco meat map, our friends at the The Tender noticed something very wrong about it: It’s kinda weird that SOMA and Mission are connected together … Continue reading

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Sweet Scene at the St. Anthony’s School Benefit Car Show

I live on Precita near the St. Anthony’s church and parochial school, and I’m glad to have them as neighbors. For one, St. Anthony regularly plays church bells, which provides this part of Bernalwood with an excellent old world soundtrack. … Continue reading

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SF Examiner Interviews La Lengua Comandante Burrito Justice

The dead-tree San Francisco Examiner published a piece of La Lengua propaganda last weekend which shines a spotlight on rebel comandante Burrito Justice and his effort to establish La Lengua as an autonomous zone independent from both Bernal Heights and the … Continue reading

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Shaking Bernalwood: Today’s Earthquake Moved Our Chert

Bernalwood’s own Bronwyn Ximm reports that today’s freaky-auspicious 105th anniversary earthquake moved the ground beneath her home: OMG did you feel that? We just did.. chert be damned! Several similar reports coming through via Twitter. For those keeping score at … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Explains Why the 1906 Earthquake Did Little Damage to Bernalwood

As we noted earlier, today is the 105th anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 — the infamous M7.8 rupture along the San Andreas Fault that severely damaged San Francisco before subsequent fires did the rest of the work destroying … Continue reading

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How to Bike on Alabama Without Biking Up Alabama (Hint: Follow the Bernal Chicken)

I bike down Alabama in the morning to get to work, which, with the combination of awful pavement, loose gravel, and the 67 bus (which seems to only come when I am biking) feels like tempting death. On the way … Continue reading

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Remodel in Progress or Magical Bernal Hermit House?

Reader Ned sent us this photo of an unusual house on Ellsworth, just short of Cortland. Is it a remodel in progress? I’m hoping not. I’m hoping it’s some amazingly, magical hermit, who will grant you access to his house … Continue reading

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The 1906 Earthquake, as Experienced from Bernal Heights

Today is the 105th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. So what was the big event like here in Bernal Heights? Rather uneventful, actually. Bernal itself suffered relatively little damage — thank you, chert! — and the … Continue reading

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Wanna Buy a House in Bernal Heights This Weekend?

Our friends at the real estate-obsessed Curbed SF have pulled together a greatest-hits collection of three Bernal Heights homes currently listed for sale. They’ve got one on Winfield, one on Prospect, and one on Moultrie, with prices starting at a … Continue reading

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Off The Hill: 38 Must-Try Restaurants, Who Rules the Board of Supes, and the View from the Farallons

Updated April 2011 Edition of the 38 Essential San Francisco Restaurants (Eater SF) Recreating a Mission Mural Originally Painted by Ohlone Indians in 1791 (7×7) Who’s Up and Who’s Down on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (SFist) Parking or … Continue reading

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Residents Protest SFPD’s Transfer of Sergeant James Miller, Bernal’s Best Crimefighter

There’s serious concern on the Bernalsafe mailing list about the San Francisco Police Department’s recent decision to transfer Sgt. James Miller from the Ingleside Station (which covers Bernal Heights) to another part of the City. The transfer is ostensibly temporary, but … Continue reading

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A Visual Tale of Transition on Mission Street

I took this photo of the 3300 block of Mission Street, right across from our Taoist Safeway, last weekend. Looking at the image after I got home, I saw many divergent elements of the transformation taking place in this part … Continue reading

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Pesticide Application Notice Posted on Bernal Hill

Bernaljournal reports that some new signs went up recently at the north and south gates to Bernal Heights Boulevard. It seems The City plans to use weed killer to combat fennel on the Hill. For what it’s worth, Bernaljournal is anti-pleased: … Continue reading

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