Cheerful Bernalwood Bobos Fear Exile to Sunset District

Hey brother, do you happen to have an affordable 1 BR apartment for a cosmopolitan couple in need of a glamorous address? Homemade signs posted to Bernal Heights utility poles are practically a form of local folk art, and Going West spotted this gem:

Bernal Heights is where everyone wants to be. Saw this sign posted on a pole on Cortland and in some other places around. You’d think it was impossible to find a place to live here.

Here is a contrast-enhanced detail for the small print-challenged. Also, new Bernalwood slogan: “SAVE US FROM THE SUNSET!!!”

PHOTO: Going West

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11 Responses to Cheerful Bernalwood Bobos Fear Exile to Sunset District

  1. andremorand says:

    Um, save them from the Sunset? Did they really have to take it there?

  2. Eclipse says:

    Have to wonder if their problem is price. We loved Bernal too, and there wasn’t a lack of rental properties, but the rent, holy cats, it just keeps getting more and more insane. Had to say bye-bye to Bernal because of this…

  3. Delaine Zody says:

    I agree with Eclipse. The price of any place in SF is just too much. We had to leave our beloved studio on the Embarcadero when the rent went to $2442. We had to return to our house in Fresno! However, it’s paid for, so the rent is really cheap! Wishing them well as they continue to seek refuge. I don’t know how anyone lives in SF unless they are a millionaire.

  4. Eve says:

    As a Sunset resident, I hope this couple finds the home that they deserve.

  5. Sunset is gross since it’s where real San Franciscans live.

  6. teri says:

    Shit stirrer upper!

  7. Lindsay Bolt says:

    $2400 + for a STUDIO?

    It must have come with a maid…right?!

    Lovin’ the Haight right now…and my not-that-crudely-priced digs…

  8. Janice says:

    Love it! I do wonder what neighborhood houses the most San Francisco natives? I know there are still quite a few of us out here in the horrid Sunset (and Parkside).

  9. SAB says:

    Impossible to find a place here? No. If you can pay rent equivalent to Pacific Heights (and most likely get less for it). Evidently the price of living in a charming, progressive, once-but-no-longer diverse part of SF means paying a rather exclusive ticket price. I wish the apartment searchers good luck.

  10. peanutgallery says:

    Quel surprise! Euro-bunk that prefers generic transient hipster ghetto to a real neighborhood where the same people have lived for generations. Let me guess, you and your imaginary dog are going to Burning Man. Wow! Live the dream, Europeen.

  11. whir says:

    Frankly it might be the sight of their cold dead eyes that makes people unwilling to rent to these guys

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