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Cool Ghouls Film “Oh California” Music Video on Bernal Hill

Last week it was glamorous fashion shoots, and this week it’s music videos by the hipster undead… San Franciso’s Cool Ghouls recently filmed a video for their cute song “Oh California” on our rapidly-browning hill, and the finished product is … Continue reading

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Three Recent Bernalwood Mysteries, Now Solved

One of the most fun things about editing Bernalwood has been watching the speed and (collective) intelligence of this blog’s readership. Simply posing a question or highlighting an unknown usually results in someone chiming in with the answer to the … Continue reading

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Documenting the (Lost?) Blues Scene at Skip’s Tavern

This is the trailer for Joshua Weaver’s a documentary-in-progress about the now-silent Skip’s Tavern on Cortland Street: From the outside, Skips Tavern looks like any working class bar. Slightly out of place in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Bernal Heights, … Continue reading

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Scene from a Bernal Heights Billboard Jam Session

There’s something so quintessentially Bernal about this, eh? It’s a perfect snapshot of our interaction with nature, commerce, art, infrastructure, and (most of all) homestyle appropriation. I just wonder what song they were playing… Thanks to throgers for the submission … Continue reading

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Happy Motoring During the 2011 Bernal GT

I had such a great time on the road last Sunday driving in the 2011 Bernal GT. Organized by the überdudes from Bernal Dads Racing, the Bernal GT started at Fort Funston, meandered to Pescadero (via just about every twisty-curvey … Continue reading

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Intense Sunday Morning Manhunt on Coleridge – Explained!

I awoke at 7:20 on Sunday morning to the wail of police sirens and the buzz of a small plane over my bedroom doing what sounded like aerobatics. The plane was a California Highway Patrol Cessna flying in a circular observation … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Cocktail Is Yesterday’s Tom Collins

This week, our neighborhood cocktailian at Underhill-Lounge has gone deep into the history of the Tom Collins via the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book, which included this Friday-friendly recipe: Tom Collins Whiskey. (Use small bar-glass.) Take 5 or 6 dashes of gum … Continue reading

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Yet Another Glam Fashion Shoot on Bernal Hill

Bernalwood’s glam-quotient just keeps going higher and higher. Lindsey from the Clothes Captioned blog recently did a fashion photo shoot atop Bernal Hill: Kaitlyn & I did a shoot on Bernal Heights a few weeks ago. We timed it so the … Continue reading

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Bernalwood Style: Floral-Decorated Wooden Post

Martha Stewart would be so proud, because here in Bernalwood, it’s the attention to detail that makes each day a good thing. Reader Ed shared this photo of a wooden post up on the hill: Walking onto Bernal Hill from … Continue reading

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How to Park Illegally on Cortland… With Gusto!

Did anyone else check this Lexus parked way illegally on Cortland Avenue last Sunday morning? It kind of stood out, because: The car was painted to look like a Hello Kitty supernova. Those rims radiate a lot of bling. The … Continue reading

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Home Improvements at the Skull House

Remember the awesome Skull House on Folsom? It may be battered, but it keeps getting better. Kaisa Wyser-Pratte captured this tasteful new addition above the front door.

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A Silent Farewell to Al’s Cafe Good Food

Bernalwood has been trying to find out more about the fate of Al’s Cafe Good Food on Mission Street, which closed in late April without any of the local tribute it deserved. In the meantime, Grubstreet brings the basic news: … Continue reading

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SFPD Ingleside Station Update: Homicide Investigation, Car Break-Ins, and Mind Your Clothes Dryer Vent

In the wake of the recent double homicide at the Holly Courts housing project, reader Sarah attended the SFPD Ingleside Station Community Meeting that was held on Tuesday evening. She took some (typically) excellent notes, which we’re republishing here with … Continue reading

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