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Bernal Heights No Longer Google Street View “Black Hole”

No one knows why it happened or why it lasted so long, but BIA signals intelligence analyst Andy Taylor reports that Bernal’s long absence from Google’s Street View maps has finally come to an end: It seems that @Bernalwood is … Continue reading

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Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!!

Fellow Bernalwoodians, we have our first Blackberry Alert of the season. Reader Leslie sent along this photo, which was taken at approximately 6:54 this morning. She reports the blackberries were spotted in a bramble alongside Folsom Street, at the foot … Continue reading

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Let the Chase Begin!! Bernal’s Bullitt Cameo, Then and Now

Although Bernal Heights has earned many a claim to Hollywood fame, my favorite is the role our neghborhood played in Bullitt, the 1968 Steve McQueen classic. It’s a great flick, but the most famous part, of course, is the epic … Continue reading

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Message from the Lucky Horseshoe: Opening Delayed!

If you were planning to get your drink on at the new Lucky Horseshoe (aka Ye Olde Skip’s Tavern) tonight, be advised that the grand opening has been delayed a few days, until Wednesday, June 29. Proprietor Lisa Marie wrote … Continue reading

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Old House on Folsom Gets Colorful New Mural

There’s an old house on Folsom near Ripley that just completed a lovely new mural on the facade. The owner of the place is young(ish), but he’s no arriviste — during a quick chat with Bernalwood, he told us he … Continue reading

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New Neighbor Interview: Meet Dana; She Just Moved Here

For those of us who have lived in Bernal Heights for a while, the glamour and high-society spectacles of our neighborhood are so familiar that it’s easy take it all for granted. That’s why it’s good to check in with … Continue reading

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Why Bernal Heights iPhone Owners May Cheer AT&T Oligopoly

While perusing the City’s online Library of Cartography recently — don’t ask! — I discovered a new map that does a lot to explain why my iPhone gets such crappy reception inside my home, and why AT&T’s proposed merger with … Continue reading

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Our New Top Cop Provides a Bernal Heights Crime Summary

While the rest of us were carousing on Cortland Street for the Summer Solstice Stroll, Citizen Sarah attended the San Francisco Police Department community meeting at Ingleside Station on Tuesday evening. Afterward, she did us all the great service of … Continue reading

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What Is the Sound of a Tree Falling on Eugenia Street?

Koan: If a tree falls on Eugenia Street when all the neighbors are home, does it still make a sound? Answer: Absofrikkinlutely! Reader Danny sent us this dramatic tale of gravity-induced mayhem and neighborly solidarity that occurred last night, along … Continue reading

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Skip’s Tavern Reborn as The Lucky Horseshoe

In the grand tradition of velvet-rope stagecraft and buzz-building, the new owner of the former Skip’s Tavern on Cortland opened her doors for the first time during last night’s Summer Solstice Stroll to give the neighborhood a sneak preview of … Continue reading

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It Was a Lovely Evening for a Summer Solstice Stroll

We came. We saw. We strolled. And gee whiz, was is a great little scene. The first EVAR Summer Solstice Stroll was a charming success, and I was glad for the opportunity it provided to wander aimlessly up and down … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Mayor Ed Lee Visits Bernal’s New Mini-Park

Hey there celebrity-spotters! Guess who dropped by Bernalwood yesterday? Why, it was our very own interim mayor, the Honorable Ed Lee! The Mayor was here to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our fabulous new Vista Pointe Garden mini-park … Continue reading

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Trove of Historical Photos Show Streetcars in Bernal Heights

Last week’s talk at the Bernal Public Library about the history of streetcar service along Cortland Avenuewas really excellent. Interesting, informative, and a vivid reminder of how the texture of the neighborhood is so heavily shaped by its infrastructure. Plus, … Continue reading

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