Bernal Heights No Longer Google Street View “Black Hole”

No one knows why it happened or why it lasted so long, but BIA signals intelligence analyst Andy Taylor reports that Bernal’s long absence from Google’s Street View maps has finally come to an end:

It’s true! We now exist on the map that matters mostest! Check it:

Let’s take a look at how we look:

And just in time for you, discerning Bernalwood consumer, to choose between Google’s map offering and the competing, “cubist” version from Microsoft’s Bing.

You decide what flavor you prefer, but rest assured, we’re so there.

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11 Responses to Bernal Heights No Longer Google Street View “Black Hole”

  1. And they got it on a nice day in Spring when the hill was green! Plus, my street seems to have just been swept. Well done Google!

    • Todd_Lappin says:

      There were several sightings of the Google Street View car around the ‘Wood when I wrote that initial “where are we?” post, so that makes sense, seasonally.

  2. GG says:

    The shots from Bernal Hill are surprisingly lovely, too.

  3. Tenny says:

    I look good. Arf.

  4. BernalDweller says:

    SO relieved my flower boxes are planted and thriving!

  5. Jeff says:

    Found myself walking up Coso!

  6. R says:

    Looks like end of February beginning of March was when the car came around, based on looking at improvements on my and my neighbor’s houses.

  7. Brent says:

    And, of course, they had to do this on Trash Day, so my block is littered with trash cans. I think it was fairly recently done, considering the arrangement of cars in and around my block.

  8. PMPM says:

    Judging by the port-a-potty in front of my house, this would be after the first week of March and before last week.

    Now am wondering how long it will take my house according to Google to have indoor plumbing. Judging by how long it took them to actually acknowledge my house, I won’t hold my beath.

  9. John says:

    Finally, my new doors are on the Internet!

  10. Rusty says:

    Glad they caught my place when we had just weeded and swept the front yard :-)

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