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Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs Peddle Premium Sidewalk Perfume

Once upon a time, children learned business basics by selling lemonade to sidewalk passers-by. But not anymore — and not in Bernalwood. Today’s young entrepreneurs aim highter. They have an eye for style, a clear bead on the urban lifestyle, … Continue reading

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Sunset Report: Warm Night Delivers Perfect Light

Recall, we began the month of June with a freakish rain storm. Now we mark the official start of summer with weather that is actually rather summer-like. So bizarre! So surprising! So seductive. So… WARM! Indeed, last night was particularly lovely, with … Continue reading

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Dusit Thai Closing at the End of the Month

A few BIA agents tipped us off to this, and Reader Nina delivered a photo, so we bring you the news: Dusit Thai restaurant on Mission (at Fair) is closing at the end of the month. The reason is a … Continue reading

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“Bernal Heights” in the World According to Realtors

It’s that time again! Danielle Lazier, Bernalwood’s realtor-in-residence, is back with some insight into the workings of the neighborhood real estate market. Over to you, Danielle: So where the heck is Bernal anyway? Yeah yeah, I know there is an … Continue reading

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Come to Cortland for the Summer Solstice Stroll, Tuesday!

In winter we wandered Cortland merrily for the Holiday Stroll. Now the days are longer and the weather is (marginally) warmer, so it’s time for the 2011 Summer Solstice Stroll! Come on out tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 21, starting at … Continue reading

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Lost Dog Alert!! Lost Dog Alert!! (UPDATE: Doggie Found!)

Several neightbors called the Bernalwood red phone today to help spread the word about a missing dog named Nip who normally resides in North Bernal. Assistance wanted. Be on the lookout. Calling all units, etc. etc. Neighbor Reyhan writes: This … Continue reading

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Dig Dipper Baby Food Opening Today at 331 Cortland

Proprietor Claire Hoyt wrote to Bernalwood to spread the big news about the grand opening of her organic baby food business today, in 331 Cortland: Wanted to share with you our late, but very real opening announcment. We will be … Continue reading

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How the Gatsbys of Noe Valley Look at Bernal Heights

Do you remember that opening scene in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, where Gatsby looks whistfully at the green light across the bay over in tony East Egg? And how he is drawn toward that light because it embodies all his … Continue reading

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Amazing Photos from 1878 Reveal Lost Peaks of Bernal Hill

Our bloggy hipster friends in the Mission like to make fun of Bernal Heights because of our obsession with lesbianism, dogs, child-rearing, and backyard gardening. That’s fine, because in return we like to make Mission hipsters’ heads explode by announcing: … Continue reading

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Citizens of Bernalwood, We Have a New Manhole

Fellow citizens! Please join Bernalwood in celebrating the installation of our newest manhole! Doesn’t that sound kind of smutty? Right? But this is straight-up: Yesterday workers completed the fabrication of a new manhole as part of the sewer reconstruction project … Continue reading

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Homegrown “I BART SF” Shirt for Transit Fashionistas

Here’s a revolutionary-chic fashion statement for Northside commuters and Southside fans of the 30th Street BART station. Creator Jeffrey Doker says: I live in the ‘Wood (Shotwell and Precita). I recently made a BART-themed shirt that I think SF people … Continue reading

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Armchair Astronaut Asks: “Is This Mars, or Bernal Heights?”

Neighborhood newbie (we mean that lovingly) RallyP took the photo above. He wonders: Is this Mars? Or is this Bernal Heights? Here we are on Bernal Hill, looking south towards the Bay and Candlestick Park. These incredibly brown rocks and … Continue reading

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Wait, Bernal Yoga Instructors Are Undercover Cops? Huh?

For weeks this ad, plastered on the side of Bernal Yoga and adjacent to the Good Life parking lot, has been causing Bernalwood residents to scratch their heads. Clearly it was intended for an actual highway billboard that a police … Continue reading

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