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Sunset Report: Cub Reporter’s Appreciation Edition

Driving home along Bernal Heights Boulevard tonight, the Cub Reporter asked me to pull over so she could look at the sunset. Then she unbuckled from the carseat, stepped out of the car, and her own tiny way, paused for … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Real in the Good Life Parking Lot

Okay, so, in a strictly geographical sense, this hilarious video isn’t about Bernal Heights. After all, like, we don’t even have a Whole Foods yet! (Editor’s Note: WHEW!) But psychographically, the video hits close to home. Dawg, this is the … Continue reading

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Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians

Last weekend I found a must-have accessory for high-powered Bernal Heights executives who travel regularly for business. I got it at “Cries of San Francisco,” a pop-up event in Mint Plaza downtown that was organized by the artsy folk at … Continue reading

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There’s a New Executive Chef at Locavore

It seems a bit odd to me that Bernal’s Locavore restaurant is a) rearranging its org chart like a Fortune 500 company, and b) issuing press releases about it. But with that caveat, Locavore just rearranged its org chart, and … Continue reading

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Your Precita Avenue Entrenchment Traffic Report

Here’s what it looks like this morning, looking west on Precita at the corner of Shotwell. Executive Summary: Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

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7×7 Gives Bernal Hill Dogs the Dis

What does Bernalwood have in common with our friends at 7×7 magazine? Obviously, we’re both ridiculously obsessed with glamour and style. So with that as our shared touchstone, we encountered an unpleasant surprise when we opened the July issue of … Continue reading

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Urban Proofreader Finds Big Typo on “Misson Street”

Reader Jennifer spotted this extremely permanent typo that’s been baked into a Bernalwood sidewalk: Saw this sign in the pavement for “Misson Street” on Mission at Fair/Valencia. Maybe there wasn’t enough budget to buy another vowel? Yeah, things are tough … Continue reading

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Back 40 Feet’s “Everyday Sights in Bernal Heights”

There’s lots more goodness where this came from — and always great stuff — at the My Back 40 (Feet) blog, published by another one of your astute Bernal Heights neighbors. Most definitely worth a bookmark. PHOTOS: Chuck B

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Learn About the Streetcars That Once Clanked Down Cortland

Did you know that Cortland Avenue once had a streetcar line? OMG! So true! Vicky Walker, Bernalwood’s Minister of History, brings this announcement about a very cool presentation that will happen at the Bernal Heights branch library on Wednesday night, … Continue reading

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1939 Studebaker Time Capsule Emerges from Bernal Garage

Reader Karen was on hand last weekend when a car built during FDR’s presidency emerged from a Bernalwood garage for the first time since LBJ’s presidency: Here’s a 1939 Studebaker being towed out of a garage at 1687 Alabama, a … Continue reading

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Sunrise Over Our Microwave Tower (Which Needs a Name)

Ilya Yakubovich¬†took these colorful snaps of sunrise atop Bernal Hill early last week. Gorgeous! Meanwhile, and related-unrelated, it occurred to me recently that Bernal’s iconic microwave tower really needs a name. Calling it “Microwave Tower” is pretty lame. I don’t … Continue reading

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Off the Hill: Red Vic Theater May Close, MUNI Drivers Reject Contract, Yes We Have No More Grasshopper Tacos

Let’s review some of the other things happening in Our Faire City, shall we? An Illustrated Guide to Proper MUNI Etiquette (The Bold Italic) The Red Vic Theater May Close Forever in July (Cole Valley Alley) Clueless, Calcified¬†MUNI Drivers Reject … Continue reading

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Sushi Fanatic Completes 28-Course ICHIathalon

Some people compete in triathalons. Others ride centuries. Still others scale tall mountains. But Bernalwood reader Cameron pushes the limits by eating everything on the menu at ICHI Sushi. To celebrate our ninth anniversary, we went to our favorite Japanese … Continue reading

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