Is Steve Wozniak Buying Weed in Bernal Heights?

Bernal Heights Collective

Does this count as a Celebrity Sighting?

EITHER someone is doing a very rude impersonation of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on Twitter and Foursquare, OR the real Steve Wozniak just checked in at the Bernal Heights Collective to replenish his medical stash.

UPDATE: Apparently, this was posted by a rude impersonator. In the comments, Shason and Bigethan point out that @stevewoz is the verified Woz. Good thing, too, because @appleinnovator seemed too vain, and posting from BHC seemed too unwise. That said, the real Woz doth perhaps overshare as well.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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5 Responses to Is Steve Wozniak Buying Weed in Bernal Heights?

  1. Oh, is THAT what the “Bernal Heights Collective” is.

    • WJ says:

      Hahaha. When I first moved to the neighborhood we drove past that place and I said “ooh what’s a collective?” My boyfriend at the time gave a vague answer about collectives being for the “greater good”. Then I googled it and told him he was right.

      But I was really hoping it was a Rainbow grocery type co-op.

  2. Bigethan says:

    Not the “real” woz. He’s!/stevewoz though both seem to enjoy foursquare.

  3. Shason says:

    @stevewoz is his real account.

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