Uppity La Lenguans Seek to Brainwash Unsuspecting Motorists

Mind Open, Road Closed

Oh, you know how it is with those people in La Lengua. They try to make every little thing a political statement here in our otherwise glamorous and complacently vapid neighborhood. As if de facto territorial autonomy and free Slurpees at their new 7-Eleven weren’t enough, the La Lenguans are now attempting to brainwash unsuspecting motorists with their neo-psychedelic separatist ideology.

Consider this affront, which was spotted this week at the corner of Guerrero and 28th Street. It seems the La Lengua Revolutionary Propaganda Front (LaLeRevPropFro) has appropriated an official City traffic control device to disseminate a mind-altering message intended to further the La Lengua cause. Sheeeesh!

PHOTO: Telstar Logistsics

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5 Responses to Uppity La Lenguans Seek to Brainwash Unsuspecting Motorists

  1. sfnowthen says:

    This was most likely done by those Noe Valley types that live west of Guerrero who are slowly creeping across to make the rest of SF to be like them:
    NV census

  2. michael s says:

    That sign has been there for at least a month. I actually drove by twice to be sure that I saw it right – it’s hilarious.

  3. On the Noe side of the border, we considered posting a “Do Not Read This Sign” sign, especially considering responses like we saw from this Noeist.

  4. Almostnative says:


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