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Your Bernal Crime Summary: Car Break-Ins, iPhone Thefts, and Succulent Bandits Still Suck

Bernalwood’s intrepid volunteer scribe on the Police Beat, Reader Sarah, attended the SFPD’s Ingleside Station Community Meeting on Tuesday night July 19 — while you were (hopefully) having dinner with your friends and loved ones. Here’s her excellent summary: Lt. … Continue reading

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Some Useful Services Offered via the Good Life Bulletin Board

My my… There are so many handy service providers available via the bulletin board outside the Good Life grocery on Cortland! For example, you can sign up to learn guitar in a variety of neighborhood-appropriate styles from the teacher above. … Continue reading

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Historic, Mysterious Fizzy Drink Bottle Found In Bernal Home

Here’s a fizzy little mystery for all you armchair consumer-product sleuths and local history enthusiasts. Neighbor Brent explains how this colorful bottle came into his possession: Maybe you and your crack team of City researchers can provide information about the … Continue reading

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Meet the New Top Dog at the Stray Bar

There’s  new pup-in-residence at the Stray Bar, and I had the pleasure of meeting him during a boozy night earlier this week. Reader Heather explains… If you’ve ever been to Stray Bar, you might have met owner Karen Opp’s old … Continue reading

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Say Hello to the Proposed Design for the Bernal Library Mural

If you think the debate currently taking place in Washington DC over raising the federal debt ceiling is a sticky bit of politics, you’ll no doubt enjoy catching up on the latest details of the plan to paint a new … Continue reading

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The Triumphant Return of Bernal Hill’s Lost Garbage Can

Important news for Bernal Hill dog walkers and/or enemies of errant fecal matter: The Lost Garbage Can of Bernal Boulevard has returned, now in a stylish new location across from our glamorous new Vista Pointe minipark. Newbie Neighbor Rally provides … Continue reading

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Sutro Tower Timelapse Fog Video Zen

I realize my headline sounds like some sort of Google-bait keyword nightmare, but I really can’t think of a more accurate way to describe this seasonally appropriate video of fog rolling through Sutro Tower created by La Lengua rebel spokesblogger Burrito … Continue reading

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Carspotting: Clever Bowling Pin Art Car Parked at Precita Park

Reader Mason (it’s his birthday today!) sent along this art car sighting: Did Jesus Quintana visit Precita Park last weekend? This past Sunday, while enjoying some old-time ice cream from Gina and Mike’s rebranded Cancilla Market (now known as Harvest Hills), my … Continue reading

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In Praise of the New Old Clam House on Bayshore

So, it was Friday night, and we wanted to find a family-friendly restaurant where daddy could get a stiff cocktail to accompany his dinner. The thought of battling swarms of Mission hipsters at a place like Beretta or Flour and … Continue reading

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Sexy, Stoner-Friendly New Parklet Installed on 29th Street

Reader Rita sends along some news about the first parklet to appear in the Dominion of Bernalwood: Down here in the flats (or La Lengua, or south Mission, or whatever our neighborhood gets called these days) our first parklet was … Continue reading

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Uppity La Lenguans Seek to Brainwash Unsuspecting Motorists

Oh, you know how it is with those people in La Lengua. They try to make every little thing a political statement here in our otherwise glamorous and complacently vapid neighborhood. As if de facto territorial autonomy and free Slurpees at … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Bernal Neighbors Leave Altruistic Note on Car

Look at this nice note I found on my windshield this week! (A little worse for the wear after a dose of fog). No sarcasm. No snide but helpful comments. No passive aggressive suggestions. Just a helpful heads-up. Thanks neighbor! … Continue reading

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SF Police Investigating Bernal Heights Plant, Garden Thefts

Here’s some encouraging news for crimefighters and public-spirited gardeners. In the comments to this post and this post about recent plant thefts in Bernal Heights, Bernalwood readers have informed us that the San Francisco Police are now actively investigating the … Continue reading

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