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Top Secret Apple iPhone 5 Traced to Bernal Heights Home

Are you hiding a top-secret Apple iPhone 5 in your Bernal Heights home? If so, there are some very anxious people in Cupertino who would like to get it back. CNET News reports: In a bizarre repeat of a high-profile … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure: The Pest Report

The house next door has been for sale for months — you can check it out right here. Trouble is, squatters have already moved in…

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Crazy Driver Veers Off Crescent, Hits Car and House, Triggers Neighborly Bonding

Reader Nicole had some unwelcome excitement last weekend: Over the weekend a presumably drunk/high driver plowed into a car and then our building on Crescent and Gates. No one was hurt, but it was actually a close call — one … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Inside That Mod New House at 3407 Folsom

This week, workers are putting the finishing touches on one of Bernalwood’s most high-profile construction projects: 3407 Folsom, that all-new, all-modern house perched at the top of Folsom, just below the north entrance to the park on Bernal Hill. You … Continue reading

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Sutro Tower Fanboy Creates Misty, Magical Mini-Animation

Reader Andrew lives on Cortland, and he wants to join the Sutro Tower Fan Club. As part of his application, he writes: “I witnessed beautiful fog action and thought would send [this animated gif] your way.” Welcome to Da Club, … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera, Action! The 2011 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Festival Begins

In Park City, they have Sundance. In Colorado, there’s Telluride. And here in San Francisco’s finest rustic mountain village, we have our own celebration of homegrown cinema: The Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Festival. Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema offers free screenings … Continue reading

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This Glorious Bernal Hill Photo Made My Jaw Drop

I really can’t tell you how much I love love love this photo taken by Enzo Christopher Njoo and submitted to the Daily Secret. Over on Facebook, a viewer named Melinda cracked the code on the photograph’s subtle-but-clever color-coding: Love the … Continue reading

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No, THIS is Bernal Heights at Its Most Bernal Heightsiest

Once upon a time not all that long ago, SFist described this photo as being “Bernal Heights at It’s Most Heightsiest.” Their pick was good, but something about it felt a little too cliche and formulaic to me. Instead, I’d … Continue reading

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You Have Another Month to Taste the Bernal Supper Club

Last week, I finally made it to the Bernal Supper Club, that Monday night pop-up restaurant created by a close-knit group of Bernal Heights foodies. It was delicious. I started with the roasted beet salad, served with ricotta stuffed blossoms, … Continue reading

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Interactive Map Enables Bernal Heights Time Travel

Get ready to spend the next few minutes immersed in blissfully satisfying distraction. There’s a new website called OldSF that combines interactive maps with geolocated historical photographs to create an easy-to-navigate history tour of San Francisco. Co-creator Dan Vanderkam explains: Several years … Continue reading

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The Argument for the Eugenia Funicular

Call me a complainer, but how about replacing Eugenia Street with a chairlift that runs from Mission to Winfield? A proposal like that would even get me to vote for Leland Yee.

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Bernalwood Editor Writes Article for Some Newspaper in New York; Encourages You to Report for Bernalwood

 I have an article in today’s New York Times about iPhone photography as an emerging art form. The article focuses on Mission-dweller Doctor Popular, who has established himself as an innovator in the medium. ALSO, this is probably a good … Continue reading

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Sunflower, Fog, and Bernal Hill

Check this beautiful photo captured by Ed Brownson on August 12 and submitted to us via the Bernalwood Flickr group. Ed sez: Taken on Potrero Hill. Bernal Heights is under the thick layer of fog in the background to the left. Cellphone … Continue reading

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