Interactive Map Enables Bernal Heights Time Travel

Get ready to spend the next few minutes immersed in blissfully satisfying distraction. There’s a new website called OldSF that combines interactive maps with geolocated historical photographs to create an easy-to-navigate history tour of San Francisco. Co-creator Dan Vanderkam explains:

Several years ago, I searched for my cross-streets on the Library’s San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection [...]. The image was mislabeled — the intersection in the foreground is actually Waller and Fillmore, not Waller and Webster. Which meant that this photo from 1945 was taken from my roof!

I put together a now-and-then shot, but it always bothered me that the mislabeling of the image was so crucial to my finding it. This led to the idea of putting the images on a map.

And now, years later, we have that map!

It’s awesome. It’s geeky. It’s deep. And it’s got Bernal Heights covered. Kiss your productivity goodbye.

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9 Responses to Interactive Map Enables Bernal Heights Time Travel

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    OMG – These foots are just so awesome. LOVE these. Thanks for posting!

  2. Tony Holiday says:

    I meant to say “fotos” – not “foots” in the Interactive Map comments. I sometimes forget to check autocorrect.

  3. GG says:

    This is amazing. Beyond Maptcha (which I try to work on whenever I have the chance), I’d love to know what non-skilled types like me can do to help these historical maps efforts.

  4. mollysamuel says:

    This is so cool! But look at the top of Bernal Hill (|-122.414861,m:37.74216|-122.41438|17). That can’t really be there, can it? Is that a misplaced photo of Holly Park?

  5. Maureen says:

    I found myself saying “Wow” repeatedly. Thank you for making such an wonderful map. Can’t wait to show my 9y.o. son who loves Bernal history.

  6. Allison Hainsley says:

    Love this! Maps are really becoming a new interface to organize large amounts of information. Reminds me of a demo I saw last week for (you can try my beta code, but it may be expired: QX4S2F).

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