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Home Again: Bernal Hill From a Caltrain Window

I recently started commuting down to Palo Alto. I usually take Caltrain, and at the end of the day, on the way back to San Francisco, I get a sweet little view of our cozy little hill just before the … Continue reading

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Something Haunting, Something Pink, on Precita

There’s something very haunting and very, uh, PINK about this untitled photo captured recently by Giggie Larue: This is another Precita Ave. shot, across from the park. (The end of the vanishing point here is the “Harvest Hills” market.) There … Continue reading

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Bernal’s Battle-Scarred Race Car Returns Home for Repairs

Last weekend I took part in an unusual rescue mission. Our task: Recover a race car used by the Bernal Dads Racing Team from the suburban jungles of Davis, California, and haul it back to Bernalwood so it can be … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Evaluates Last Night’s Earthquake

So, did you feel last night’s earthquake? I sure did. Heard it too. Good times. Julian Lozos, Bernalwood’s Senior Seismologist, wasn’t here for the shake, but after it he tweeted up a storm from his high-tech monitoring post. Here’s some … Continue reading

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Meet Darren Samuelson, Large Format Photographer

Here in Bernalwood, we like to go big. From our sprawling McMansions to our hulking Chevrolet Suburbans, life in the ‘Wood is all about living large. So it’s fitting that the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland is currently hosting an exhibit … Continue reading

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New New Mural at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

Remember when that loose-screw-guy defaced the new mural at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack back in May? The whole incident was unfortunate, but there’s now a replacement mural to fill the void. Several readers notified Bernalwood that the new mural was up … Continue reading

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Visitor from Brooklyn Serenades Bernal Heights with Ukulele

I met this smiling gentleman last weekend while he was playing his ukulele on a bench atop Bernal Hill. He said he was visiting from Brooklyn, and that he was enjoying the view. I’m glad, because I enjoyed his music. … Continue reading

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Fog and Sun: Two Flavors of Bernal Hill Time-Lapse Video

Joe Thomas lives in Bernal Heights, and from his house he’s got a nice view of the tower atop Bernal Hill. He recently used that to good advantage by creating this chiaroscuro┬átime-lapse video that shows the tower coming in and … Continue reading

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Jasmine Tea House Shuts Down, Business Put Up For Sale

Quietly, and without explanation, the venerable Jasmine Tea House on Mission Street has shut down and the windows are covered with newspaper. Ex-POTUS Bill Clinton used to love the place: From November, 2002: Bill Clinton wasn’t going to fall victim … Continue reading

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Creepy Pentagram Triggers Mirth, Media Frenzy, and Tales of Animal Sacrifice (Pretty Much in That Order)

After Bernalwood (ahem!) broke the story last week about a creepy pentagram found on Bernal Hill┬áthat was still dripping with unholy ritualistic ooze, a rather predictable media frenzy ensued. The SFWeekly picked up on the story, suggesting it may have … Continue reading

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Last Night I Visited the Silver Crest Bar

Hoo boy. Last night I gathered with a bunch of fellas for a hearty dinner at The (New) Old Clam House. The gents loved the food, and the drink flowed freely, but when dinner was done, one of our men … Continue reading

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UPS Drops Trash Bomb on Bernal Street

Reader Troy came home this week to find that UPS had dropped off a battered package on his front doorstep, near Paul Revere School. The item in the box was a family heirloom, and it was very badly damaged. That … Continue reading

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Satanists Conduct Unholy Ritual on Bernal Hill!

When Agent Amy from the BIA went for a walk on Bernal Hill late yesterday afternoon, she discovered fresh evidence of unholy activities by Satanists in our midst. She says: I saw this brand-spanking new pentagram at the top of … Continue reading

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