All Clear on Bernal Hill Last Night

Ephemeral Summer

Ephemeral Summer

Ephemeral Summer

There are many clear nights on Bernal Hill, but nights that are both clear and warm are a rare treat. We hit the meteorological jackpot last night, so after eating dinner with a friend on my patio (another rare treat), I headed up to Bernal Hill to take a few snapshots.

No clouds. No wind. No chill. No noise. Just a sparkling city below, Sutro Tower blinking lazily from Twin Peaks, and an orange half-moon rising over Oakland.

Ephemeral Summer

Here’s another one from the same vantage point, with a passing car tracing the route along Bernal Heights Boulevard:

Ephemeral Summer

Let’s enjoy this while it lasts, people.

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

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13 Responses to All Clear on Bernal Hill Last Night

  1. GG says:

    GORGEOUS! Of course I had to reblog that top one to :)

  2. SER says:

    Incredible photos! Looks like we’re in for a couple more days of this terrific weather, too.

  3. Chris says:

    Stunning photos! Can’t wait to see for myself finally this weekend! :)

  4. rallyp says:

    So THIS is what summer is like!

  5. Almostnative says:

    Amazing photography. just delicious.

  6. Joe Thomas says:

    I got most of that moonrise in a time-lapse iPhone video:
    I haven’t yet figured out how to aim accurately at where the moon is going to rise, so there’s a jump when I notice it’s rising out of frame.

  7. Joe Thomas says:

    Thanks! I actually used pUniverse, but it (or I) wasn’t quite accurate enough. It seems like the developer changes his compass/accelerometer/gyro algorithms every release, and not always for the better. The app was TimeLapse by Yuval Frandzel (, and the iPhone telephoto lens from photojojo. (Pretty sure I bought that lens after seeing you mention it somewhere.) I’ll check out iMotion HD.

  8. Joe Thomas says:

    Oh, and if you like that one, I got this lovely moon/cloudscape earlier in the month, same place, same setup:

    I failed to catch the actual moonrise that afternoon, too, but that was mostly because the haze made it invisible until it had been up for 10 minutes.

  9. just so lovely, need to take a walk up the hill this weekend

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