Bernal Artist Rich Nyhagen Opens New Show at Inclusions

There’s an opening-night reception tomorrow evening at the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland to celebrate a new show by Bernal Heights artist Rich Nyhagen:

Rich Nyhagen: “Deja-View, a second look at SF”
September 23 – October 9, 2011
Artist Reception – Friday, September 23 / 6-8 pm

Bernal Heights resident Rich Nyhagen has successfully shown a number of photographic, screen-printed, assemblages at Inclusions Gallery. The assemblages are based on an image series of San Francisco’s urban landscape. Nyhagen’s process involves screen-printing photographic images directly onto thick plexiglass, which can be one large sheet or several smaller sections pieced together. The printed plexi is then riveted onto a wooden base that is often layered with colored under painting, screen printing and drawing. The result is graphic, smooth and clean, while maintaining a sense of urban grit. Nyhagen will be introducing a new group of larger scaled works as well as revisiting some familiar themes for his first solo exhibit at Inclusions Gallery.

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