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A Brief History of Bernal’s Very Best One-Stop-Shop for Ninja Equipment

You want artisanal meat? Bernal Heights has it. A fine selection of tasteful, high-quality gifts for any occasion? Got it. Equipment to supply a lethal army of martial arts warriors? Bernal has you covered. Vicky Walker of the awesome Bernal … Continue reading

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Where Kids Can Find Sweet Treats in Bernal Heights Tonight

It’s Halloween! So where are the clever kids going to show off their costumes and scoop up piles of candy in Bernal Heights tonight? Here are a few hotspots: Cortland Avenue will be the go-to place for members of the … Continue reading

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News Flash: Argus Lounge Closing (Then Reopening)

We just received an important communique here in the Bernalwood newsroom: The Argus Lounge, the beloved dive bar on Mission near Valencia, will soon close. Thereafter it will undergo a rapid metamorphosis to become a new bar called Iron and Gold. … Continue reading

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A New Novel by Superstar Bernal Heights Author Peter Orner

In the Bay Area section of today’s New York Times, astute readers will find an article about author Peter Orner, a member of the Bernalwood literati glitterati: Among writers, Mr. Orner is a boldface name. Since his debut collection, “Esther Stories,” … Continue reading

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Wicked Witch Meets Sudden Demise in Pre-Halloween Crash

Tragedy struck on a recent evening in Bernal Heights when a wicked witch perished in an aeronautical mishap. Neighbors reported hearing the witch cackling as she flew on her signature broom, before her cruel taunt was cut short by an … Continue reading

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Bernal Dads Racing Survives Another 24 Hours of LeMons

Sorry for the delay in reporting on this, but I’ve been catching up on the rest of life after going racing last weekend with the Bernal Dads Racing Team for the 24 Hours of LeMons event at Sears Point. All in all … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at #occupycortland…

In case you missed it, this was the scene at #occupycortland headquarters last night, a little after midnight. Intense! PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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Looking East and West from Bernal Hill

More iPhone photography goodness. Yesterday Rudy Hernandez took these two back-to-back photos, looking east and west from Bernal Hill. Makes a nice little diptych, eh? PHOTOS: Rudy_Ray (Rudy Hernandez)

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Metaphor Alert: Bernal Hill in a Bubble

Reader Julie created this cool image of Bernal Hill encased in a bubble. Could it possibly somehow perhaps be a metaphor for our neighborhood’s close-knit familiarity and penchant for self-referential narrative? Maybe? Naaaah. PHOTO: scathac1961

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WTF? Ugly Pile of Trash Dumped on Bernal Hill Reminds Us That Such Ugliness Was Once Very Common

Reader Tony, who captured this grim photo on the north side of Bernal Hill on Sunday morning, asks: WTF? Too poor to pay the dump fee, so we dump it @ Bernal Hill? What’s SF coming to? WTF is right. (CUE: … Continue reading

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New Music Video Features Bernal Heights, a Bus, and Fishnets

Pinched Nerve has a new music video called “Back Door Step Down” that will appeal to fans of Bernal Heights, public transit, and guys who wear fishnets: I wrote a song about riding the bus then shot the video on … Continue reading

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The Bernal Dads Racing Team Is Off to the Races (With a New Sponsor) This Weekend

Well, they got it done. It wasn’t easy, or pretty, but those handy fellas from Bernal Dads Racing managed to successfully transplant a new engine inside the old hulk of “The Whale,” their battle-scarred Volvo 240 race car. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Golden Boy Enjoys a Golden Evening on Bernal Hill

Check out this beautiful photo by Neighbor Adel, who published it on her Project 365 blog: My golden boy on Bernal hill at sunset. Alert readers might also recognize this handsome young man as a San Francisco Giants fan with … Continue reading

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