AAAnother Glossy Magazine Article About Bernal Heights

Another day, another magazine article about how sexxxy and glamorous we are here in Bernal Heights. Only, this one was an inside job: Karen Zuercher is the managing editor at VIA, the glossy magazine that has been published for members of the California State Automobile Association since 1917. Karen also lives in the Dominion of Bernalwood, so she’s an expert on the subject, and that shows in the Nov/Dec issue of VIA, where you’ll find herĀ Weekender’s guide to Bernal Heights.

Among the many local names that get a shout out: The Alemany Farmer’s Market, Ichi Sushi, 331 Cortland, Sandbox Bakery, and Kikker, the parakeet who lives inside Heartfelt.

Pro Tip: During the weeks ahead, if you see a lot of clueless tourists trying to navigate the narrow streets of Bernal Heights in lumbering RVs that are bigger than your house, remember to smile, wave rustically, and direct them toward the “must see” Bernal Heights gift shop located at the base of Sutrito Tower.

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One Response to AAAnother Glossy Magazine Article About Bernal Heights

  1. kbzuercher says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Todd! Here’s a little follow-up blog post I did about the galleries I couldn’t fit in the print story: Note the internal link back to your great piece on chert.

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