Meanwhile, at #occupycortland…


In case you missed it, this was the scene at #occupycortland headquarters last night, a little after midnight.


PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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8 Responses to Meanwhile, at #occupycortland…

  1. bldxyz says:

    Protesting in person is so, I dunno, old media.

    We’re more likely to occupy via Facebook, Twitter, or, perhaps, this blog, no?

  2. Nina says:

    This hurts my brain. Why would anyone occupy cortland? It is the opposite of the … Ohhhh i get it now. Your point exactly. If we DID Occupy cortland, what would that mean? Boo to local small business? Or yay?

    • kelly says:

      It would mean that we were showing up in silent, peaceful protest and taking up space, “occupying” our neighborhood in a symbolic, physical form. I think it would be great if people started bringing occupation to their hoods. I think we already do that in Bernal, tho. Couldn’t hurt to do it more. This totally cracked me up tho!

  3. Chris says:

    Wow!! I’m shocked that there weren’t tear gas canisters being tossed to control that unruly crowd! :P

  4. rolfsf says:

    whoa, what a concept bldxyz — Occupy Facebook!

  5. Judge Crater says:

    Well there are all those evil bankers behind the Bernal Bucks “currency.”

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