“Bikini Jogger” Micro-Interview: It’s All About the Tan


The Bikini Jogger was spotted this morning at extremely close range — close enough for her to notice that a harried-looking woman (a.k.a. this reporter) with child in tow wanted to talk to her. Here’s how it went:

Bernalwood: Hey, hi! What are you training for?

Bikini Jogger: Oh, I do various athletic events, like half-marathons.

Bernalwood: And… why the bikini?

Bikini Jogger: I don’t want a farmer’s tan!

So there you have it. I didn’t ask her name or take a photo (kicking myself about the latter), in part because I wanted to keep it more neighborly and less paparazzi. Also, I prefer to have the mystery continue!

PHOTO: Bikini Jogger sighting by Mason Kirby, this morning

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29 Responses to “Bikini Jogger” Micro-Interview: It’s All About the Tan

  1. LL says:

    Good interview, good call on the approach.

  2. SER says:

    The best part about this post is the concept of “microinterviewing.” I think Bernalwood should start a series. And then you can publish the series, which will take the form of a pamphlet, given the compact nature of each micro-interview.

  3. bldxyz says:

    (Mutters in disbelief…) So many good theories, shot to sh—!

    • SER says:

      Oh, don’t despair — I think she may be lying. The mystery of the bikini jogger could not possibly boil down to something as simple as tan lines. Put your conspiracy hat on and speculate with renewed vigor!

  4. Smurf says:

    I suspected it might have something to do with tanlines, but then I thought “it’s foggy and the sun’s barely above the horizon, what kind of tanline you gonna get?!” Though I suppose it’s possible her workouts last well into the afternoon…

  5. Smurf says:

    HOLY MOSES! Bikini Jogger (and Bernalwood!) made Runner’s World Online! http://rwdaily.runnersworld.com/2011/11/stalking-the-elusive-bikini-jogger.html

    • SER says:

      OMG! Now we’ll have even MORE paparazzi in Bernal Heights, as if that were possible. Also, I’m up for doing your fun-run, Smurf.

  6. LL says:

    I got a fantastic photo of Bikini Jogger this morning, she had a red, white bikini bottom and a hoodie of all things, to ward off the chill.

  7. LL says:

    how do I do that?

  8. Bronwyn Ximm says:

    If you’re not on Flickr, go to flickr.com and join (it’s free). Under Groups, you can search for Bernalwood and join it. Upload the photo and tag it “bernalwood” (and, of course, “bikinijogger”). Actually you probably don’t even have to join the group; you can just tag the photo.

  9. LL says:

    how do you post? and is there a way to just upload a photo to a post? and thanks for helping out. it is a good photo if i say so myself.

  10. Bronwyn Ximm says:

    I have contributor permissions, but shoot it to Todd, the editor: bernalwood [at] gmail [dot] com !

  11. Art Siegel says:

    You have to open an account (free) to post. Then use the Upload link and add tags as Bronwyn said. If you don’t want to open an account there, just send it to Bronwyn or me and we can put it up for you. Or probably better yet, send it to telstar@lappin.com.

  12. Art Siegel says:

    Whoops, slipped by BX…

  13. emelie says:

    it is also here http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/. It is going global… Just wait….! :)

  14. LL says:

    thanks Bronwyn and Art, photo sent to Todd via telstar . . .

  15. BenR says:

    When I first saw her several weeks ago, while driving down coso towards folsom, the first thing I thought was “crap, that sux, she must have had to high tail it out of a bad one night stand – and didn’t even have time to find her clothes…” Then I thought: “crap, I’m going to hit the mailbox at the end of coso.” luckily, I gained my wits about me fast enough to avoid the mailbox… But the mystery was indeed perplexing. This tan scenario? I don’t buy it. Maybe in LA. But in Bernal?

  16. John John Leprechaun says:

    I live here, yet haven’t seen her. So many eccentrics in Bernal….

  17. RenV says:

    Cortland Street AND around the Bernal Hill Park: bathing suit jogging flash mob. Who’s in?

  18. Suzanne says:

    I’m so glad I found this post. I live at elsie@esmerelda, and I’ve seen her a few times. I thought I was going nuts! The first thing I thought was that it was laundry day. But I think it might be workout incentive. No one wants to show off jiggles while they run. It’s kinda brilliant if you’re really motivated.

  19. I had my first siting this morning.

  20. hm says:

    I know who the “Bikini Jogger” is. She is a personal friend of mine but I am not giving any names out. This is all new news for me but after seeing her post on FB and seeing these photos, it is definitely one of my friends : )

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