Bernal Has a Cute New Store for Vintage Clothing

31 Rax

Attention fashionistas! 31 RAX is a new vintage store at 3309 Mission Street, in the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone. The place is very cute, and it’s off to a charming start:

My name’s Stephanie and I recently opened a Vintage/Thrift store on Mission at 29th called 31 RAX. I handpick, clean, tag each piece myself. The clothes are funky and one of a kind. My space is beautiful and I plan to host events — live art, music, dance, and more. If you have free time, come by the store and take a look around.

Or better yet, let’s let Stephanie introduce herself in person:

Welcome to the neighborhood!

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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3 Responses to Bernal Has a Cute New Store for Vintage Clothing

  1. Smurf says:

    Nice! I’ll definitely have to swing by– It’s great to have a place like this in the neighbourhood!

  2. Judge Crater says:

    We met Stephanie while walking by her store. It wasn’t quite open yet but she was most gracious in letting us come in and chat for a spell. We’ll be back!

  3. Jen Q. says:

    Previous tenant of this space, a gym called Bad Joe’s Body Shop, went out of business. But I believe the proprietor still lives very close by as I see him coming and going. Bad Joe’s wasn’t a fit for me, but they offered innovative classes and the interior space was used beautifully. I know a lot of people enjoyed both the classes and hanging out there. RIP, Bad Joe’s!

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