Even When Invisible, Bernal Heights Reigns

Mr. Burrito Justice, the spiritual leader of the La Lengua separatists, posted this photo on his blog recently. It shows the summit of Bernal Hill emerging from a fog bank, as seen from the flatlands near St. Luke’s Hospital.

More importantly, the photo provides yet another reminder of how Bernal’s elevated supremacy so dominates the psyche of the poor La Lenguans, because even when our hill is shrouded in cloudy mist, the La Lenguans know — intuitively — that the hill is there, towering over them, awaiting an opportunity to reassert itself.

As Mr. Burrito Justice himself put it:

Out of a sunlit fog, Bernal emerges

… as it always has, and always will.

PHOTO: Burrito Justice

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One Response to Even When Invisible, Bernal Heights Reigns

  1. jobius says:

    Must we taunt the flatlanders? It’s not like they’re the riffraff of http://dogpatchhowler.com/, who are attempting to rename Potrero Hill as “Upper Dogpatch”!

    Now, if I start hearing talk of “Alta Lengua,” I’ll be manning the barricades in front of Ichi Sushi.

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