Then and Now: Mission at Virginia, c. 1925 vs. 2011

Mission at Virginia-circa 1920

I found this historical photo of Mission Street looking north from Virginia Street recently. The photo was unattributed and undated, but judging from the cars on the street, it looks as if it was taken sometime during the mid-1920s.

I particularly like this, because it illustrates two themes we’ve discussed recently on Bernalwood: To the left we see theĀ former Lyceum movie theater (which is now part of the Taoist Safeway parking lot), and the big brick building on the right is the former Market Street Railway Car House (which later became our bowling alley, and then today’s Big Lots).

And here’s how the same scene looks today:

Mission at Virginia-2011

PHOTO: 2011, by Telstar Logistics

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8 Responses to Then and Now: Mission at Virginia, c. 1925 vs. 2011

  1. Pat says:

    the road was better maintained back then!!!!!

  2. Derek says:

    Thanks. Not sure our buildings are any improvement over what was there before but it’s nice to have most of the wires underground.

  3. Yatima says:

    Rebuild the Lyceum!

  4. I love on Virginia! And oh how I wish the pizza hut corner and Safeway parking lot looked more like they did in the ’20s.

  5. oops. meant to say I live on Virginia. But, of course, I do love on it, too :)

  6. whoithinkiam says:

    I’m always amazed by how much the SAME these pictures look. Very fun.

  7. progress says:

    Well, Seems like 90 years haven’t improved anything…if anything, it looks a bit worse today: no theater and no streetcars!

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