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Sh*t Bernalites Say

Sorry, no video. It’s just a list. But we want to cash in on this whole “Shit BlahBlahBlah Says” meme before it goes supernova and collapses in on itself. ┬áSo without further excuses, here is “Shit Bernalites Say,” collected from … Continue reading

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Sunday Night’s Sunset, in Bernal Hill Surround-O-Vision

I happened to be traveling from Cortlandia to the Precitaville Administrative Zone on Sunday evening just as the sun was settling down for the night. The sky was exploding with oranges and pinks, so I took a few iPhonecam pics … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Tom Ammiano at the Good Life Meat Counter

High-profile Democratic politicians? They’re just like us! Bernalwood had a celebrity encounter with our very own Man in Sacramento last weekend, and here’s our full report: Who:┬áState Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Where: Meat counter, Good Life Grocery, Bernal Heights What He … Continue reading

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Precita Neighbors Gather to Remember Stephen

On Sunday morning, a group of Bernal Heights neighbors gathered to participate in a memorial service for Stephen, the gracious resident of Precita Park who died on January 20. It was a simple but warm affair. There were some cookies, … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Reprise Yesterday’s Whispy Sunset

It was glorious, and robogeoff was good enough to capture it for us from atop Bernal Hill. Have a great weekend!

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RIP Stephen, Familiar Resident of Precita Park

Sad news: Stephen, the homeless gentleman who lived in the western end of Precita Park, died on January 20. Neighbor Jennifer fills in the backstory: Stephen – a longtime resident of Precita Park (he lived at the picnic tables on … Continue reading

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“Bernal Heights” + Asteroid Space Battles, Together At Last!

When you awoke this morning, did you think to yourself, “What I’d really like to see right now is an extended remix of Jhameel’s song “Bernal Heights” augmented with videogame footage of a laser-equipped spaceship navigating through a field of … Continue reading

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