Get Help Planting a Sidewalk Garden in North Bernal

Neighbor Kim writes that Friends of the Urban Forest is offering assistance to North Bernalistas who want to install sidewalk gardens in front of their homes:

Friends of the Urban Forest is doing two sidewalk plantings in Bernal in Feb/Mar and May. If people are interested they should contact Karla Nagy ( or 268-0788), the FUF project coordinator.

Here’s how Friends of the Urban Forest can help:

Improve your block and meet your neighbors by installing a sidewalk garden with Friends of the Urban Forest. Dealing with the permit process, designing a garden and coordinating all the materials can be expensive and overwhelming on your own. Friends of the Urban Forest coordinates neighborhood plantings, brining neighbors together to share materials and work together to install sidewalk gardens on your block on a Saturday morning.

What does FUF do?

  • Review the sidewalk to determine the best location for a sidewalk garden
  • Locate underground utilities
  • Garden design and site plan
  • File permit paperwork and act as a liaison between the city and the homeowner
  • Arrange for the removal of concrete
  • Coordinate the delivery of all materials, including soil amendment, mulch, plants & trees
  • Provide volunteer support and tools for planting day
  • And most importantly, we help secure funding to subsidize the cost of concrete removal, planting materials and the cost of the permit.

If you’re interested, you might want to attend the meeting at Charlie’s Cafe on Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm:

PHOTO: Friends of the Urban Forest

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6 Responses to Get Help Planting a Sidewalk Garden in North Bernal

  1. Nina says:

    Is this only for Alabama Street? I suppose I’ll find out on Wednesday.

    • Kim says:

      This meeting is going to focus on plantings on Manchester street but Karla, the FUF person, will give an overview of the program as well.

  2. carol says:

    maybe they can give some advice on how to deter succulent thieves!

  3. chuck b. says:

    It’s nice to see FUF move beyond trees.

  4. Knock says:

    carol: Cacti?

    • CRS says:

      FUF won’t let you plant cactus, *but* after the official planting day and after the City inspection of your SWG, you can modify it however you wish. You can install a different border wall/fence/guard, plant other sorts of greenery, flowers, etc.

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