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Get Help Planting a Sidewalk Garden in North Bernal

Neighbor Kim writes that Friends of the Urban Forest is offering assistance to North Bernalistas who want to install sidewalk gardens in front of their homes: Friends of the Urban Forest is doing two sidewalk plantings in Bernal in Feb/Mar … Continue reading

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Air Passenger Snaps Sweeping Aerial Photo of Bernal Heights

We’ve told you about the Highways in the Sky, and how they traverse Bernal Heights from high above. And we’ve told you how to identify the airliners you might see passing overhead. So it was fun to find this photo … Continue reading

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Watch the Film that Wowed Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema

Bucky Knaebel shared something very cool with Bernalwood: I finally got my last short film online. I filmed it at 4 Star Video, and it won the Audience Award at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema last season. And no wonder… … Continue reading

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An Inventory of Services Offered on the Good Life Bulletin Board

For the benefit of potential clients, prospective homeowners, cultural anthropologists, and future archaeologists, Bernalwood presents this comprehensive inventory of services offered via the Good Life Grocery bulletin board, as it appeared on January 7, 2012 at 4:43 pm: Academic Editing … Continue reading

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Your January 2012 SFPD Crime Report for Bernal Heights

Neighbor Sarah, our saintly correspondent who attends the monthly meetings at the San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside Station, has delivered the goods yet again. Here’s your crime report for January 2012. Over to you, Neighbor Sarah… Notes from Ingleside Meeting, … Continue reading

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The Mysterious New Store at 420 Cortland, REVEALED!

For weeks, mystery has surrounded the newly renovated storefront at 420 Cortland Street. Word on the street was that a tenant had been found. But who?! And what?! Then, a clue appeared… in the form of a question mark: Then, … Continue reading

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Oops! Tow Truck Drops BMW on Steep Bernal Heights Hill

Ouch! Reader Rusty captured the chaos last night on Treat Street: Some guy was getting his BMW 335i towed back to his house near the top of Treat, above Precita Park. Unclear why it was being towed back. As the … Continue reading

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Bikini Jogger Burns it Up on Bernal Hill

Another sighting! When: Yesterday Where: Bernal Heights Boulevard Wearing: Bikini, with optional wrap. (Brrrrrr!) Photographer: Chris Waldron (Tx @valjoy9!)

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Slimy Succulent Thieves Strike Again

It’s been a while since the last reported instance of residential succulent theft. But someone swiped some succulents from Neighbor Ashley’s sidewalk planter recently, and she’s hopping mad about it: Unfortunately I’m writing with some crappy news from our neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Sunburst Behind Our Sutrito “Tower of Power”

There’s lots of rain in the forecast (at last), so savor this solarific photograph taken earlier in the week (with an iPhone!) by Bernalwood reader Ken Garrett.

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Dissident Parrots Establish New Identity In Bernal Heights

The Bernalwood Intelligence Agency has received numerous signals recently about wild parrot sightings around Bernal Heights. Our Political Unit analysts have determined that the parrots are refugees from Telegraph Hill who fled to Bernal Heights to escape the stultifying NIMBYism … Continue reading

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And Now, Your Deepest, Darkest Nightmare…

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! It’s a image of hell! A full-color vision of the darkest nightmare that lurks in every Bernalista’s deepest subconscious.  A photo that could convert even the most laissez-faire YIMBY into a foaming NIMBY reactionary. And even more frightening: This … Continue reading

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Supervisor David Campos Will Run for Reelection

From the San Francisco Appeal: San Francisco Supervisor David Campos will file papers on Tuesday to run for re-election in November. Campos represents District 9, which includes the city’s Mission District and Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods. A native of … Continue reading

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