Peekaboo, Bernal Heights

Aloha, Bernalwood

Hey , did you see me? At about 8:31 this morning, did you look up and see me waving hello? Well, I saw you, Bernalwood.

I’m returning home later tonight. Please leave a light on for me. Thanks.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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6 Responses to Peekaboo, Bernal Heights

  1. Ed B says:

    That just may be the best Bernal shot ever! Amazing how the hill looks like one narrow ridge cutting through the city.

  2. SER says:

    Were you concerned about the effects of flying a plane so close to such intense glamour?

  3. The “Glamour Lift” off of Bernal is significant, so most airlines try and route over us since it provides significant fuel and time savings during the climb out from SFO.

  4. Frank says:

    Don’t get too close to the Projects! Back in the day the Goodyear blimp was fired upon when in town to do a Niner’s game.

  5. Mark Taylor says:

    At this point, I believe your electronic devices were to be off and stowed away. (But great pic!)

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