A Meetup for Artists Atop Bernal Hill, Saturday

Pack up your charcoals and watercolors, because Reader Laurie brings news of a gathering for visual artists happening this weekend on Bernal Hill:

The just-formed Meetup group for San Francisco Urban Sketchers is having it’s first meeting this Saturday at 2:00, and it’s on Bernal Hill.

Here’s a description of the meetup:

Bernal Hill has great city views to sketch, but also plants, dogs and people. Find me near the bulletin board on the south side of the hill (near the parking area). I’ll wear a red jacket but you can probably spot me by the sketchbook I’ll have out.

I’ll wait around until 2:30 to see who shows up, then will head off sketching. We’ll meet up afterwards at the Progressive Grounds Cafe (corner of Cortland and Bennington) to see how it went. Showing your sketches is optional.

If it’s raining we’ll meet at the Progressive Grounds to sketch people drinking coffee and writing emails, and maybe the odd lonely dog waiting outside.

The Meetup group is open to anyone, but I’m also always looking for sketching buddies to join me for a few quick sketches up the Hill.

IMAGE: View east from Bernal Hill, by Reader Laurie

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5 Responses to A Meetup for Artists Atop Bernal Hill, Saturday

  1. R says:

    cool painting.. where can i see more?

  2. linda says:

    great idea laurie-and I love that watercolor posted.

  3. Laurie says:

    Report from the sketching session: Seven people came and we had a good time sketching, even if our fingers were a little blue by the time we headed for the Progressive Grounds for the meetup part of the day. You can see some of the sketches we did here: http://www.meetup.com/Urban-Sketchers/photos/

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