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A Brief History of Peralta Avenue’s Discontinuity Problem

If you live on Peralta Avenue in Bernal Heights, you’re probably used to getting phone calls from lost delivery drivers.  They’ve managed to find the 200 block, you’re in the 500 block; how many obstacles could there be between you? … Continue reading

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New Videos from Anda Piroshkis and Big Dipper Baby Food

To be a merchant on Cortland Avenue in 2012 is kind of like being a New Wave band in 1983: Apparently, if you want to get ahead, you’ve gotta have a video. In that spirit, Anda’s Piroshkis and Big Dipper … Continue reading

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Critics Are Talking About Weed from Bernal Heights Collective

In the Age of Yelp, everyone is a critic — even the customers of Bernal Heights Collective, our eponymous medical marijuana merchant. Here’s what one capitalization-challenged test pilot had to say about the local product at F*ckYeahWeed, a blog “dedicated to … Continue reading

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Bernal Dads Make Their Bizarre Race Car Even More Strange

If you happened to look out your window at just the right moment last Saturday, you might have seen a bizarre spectacle streaking through Bernal Heights. It was a red(ish) automobile adorned with an ill-fitting Volvo body, “Bernalwood” emblazoned on … Continue reading

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Visualizing Bernal in Watercolor-Look Map Graphics

Our neighbors at Stamen Design specialize in making beautiful and useful maps and data visualizations, not far from Bernalwood in the Mission District. Their new watercolor map digital tiles look particularly nice: Reminiscent of hand drawn maps, our watercolor maps apply raster … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Heights and Supervisor David Campos Rally at City Hall

Occupy Bernal Heights was joined by several City Supervisors — including David Campos — for a rally on the steps of City Hall to combat home foreclosures. Fog City Journal was there: The rally on City Hall steps, organized by … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bernal Isle, Climate Change Vacation Paradise!

Rebel blogger Burrito Justice, chief propagandist of the La Lengua separatists, looked into his cartographic crystal ball recently to understand the impact that global climate change and sea-level rise might have upon our City. His research generated some bittersweet conclusions. … Continue reading

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