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Stylish DPT Parking Daleks Arrive on Cortland

I’m not quite sure if this is a symbol of Bernal’s ascendant world-class stature or a sign of the Big Brother apocalypse, but the City’s Department of Parking and Traffic installed two automated multi-space parking meters on the 400 block … Continue reading

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Mysterious Street Stencils Deviate from Official Branding

For the last few days, the Bernalwood news hotline has been buzzing with reports of a new street art stencil spotted in several spots along Cortland Avenue. The stencils say: “Welcome to Bernalandia.” The creator of the stencils is unknown, … Continue reading

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A Scene from the *Other* Bernal Supper Club

Neighbors Regina and Scott came over for dinner on Friday night. Earlier in the day, they’d received a bunch of eggs from Neighbors Mark and Jeff, who keep a few chickens on their Bernal Heights property. To alleviate this sudden … Continue reading

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Time-Lapse Video of Traffic in the Spaghetti Bowl (and More)

Remember Peter West Carey, the visiting photographer who took that eye-popping interactive panorama image from Bernal Hill? He’s returned home to Seattle now, but he’s still processing the archive of material he amassed during his visit to Bernal Heights. His … Continue reading

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“Matter” Is a Journalism Startup Born in Bernal Heights

A new journalism project that was born in Bernal Heights is getting lots of nationwide buzz.  And no, despite what you’re probably thinking… it’s not Bernalwood. The project is called Matter, and it was co-founded by Bernal Heights resident Jim … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: More Gourmet Auto Parts

When the Hollywood Video store on the corner of Cesar Chavez and South Van Ness closed down, I had a little fantasy: The store occupied a high-profile location with above-average square-footage and even a few parking spaces, so in my … Continue reading

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New Bernal Hill Music Video Features Divine Co-Star

Malki Means King recorded much of his new rap video atop Bernal Hill, and no wonder: He was looking for a location that embodies the grandeur of the Almighty: Malki Means King raps about letting go and giving your faith … Continue reading

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Newfangled Electric Bicycle Shop Opens on Cortland

Last weekend, The New Wheel opened at last at 420 Cortland. As previously reported, The New Wheel is a newfangled kind of bicycle shop, specializing in electric bikes that effectively “flatten” San Francisco hills — including our own Bernal Hill. … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Mark Zuckerberg at Royal Cuckoo

Poke! SFist reports that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted in Bernal’s La Lengua Cocktail Entertainment Zone last weekend: Dale Larson, who describes himself as an “executive coach to startup founders and leaders,” also chimes in, saying, “Just ran into Mark … Continue reading

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Eye in the Sky: Airborne with the Bernalwood Air Force

Last weekend the Cub Reporter and I had the opportunity to take to the skies with the Bernalwood Air Force for a routine observation and reconnaissance flight over the Bernal Heights motherland. The skies were clear blue, Bernal Hill was … Continue reading

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Four Star Video is Now Succulence; Succulence is Now Four Star

Four Star Video was a video store on Cortland that also hosted a plant store called Succulence. Now that’s been flipped around. As of last week, Succulence is a plant store on Cortland that also rents videos: Like a rice … Continue reading

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Bernal Barfly Samples Cocktails at New Rock Bar

Tasty things are happening in the flatlands of Bernal’s La Lengua Autonomous Zone. Gradually, we are witnessing the birth of a dynamic Cocktail Cluster that caters to those who want to get a classy drink on. It began with the … Continue reading

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Activism 101: Paul Revere Students Protest for Education

Bernalwood contributor Bronwyn Ximm writes: Paul Revere School is getting its Occupy on: Yesterday a very vocal group of enthusiastic students and a teacher (the guy) and a parent (the woman) got ready to march to Civic Center for a … Continue reading

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