Giant Slithering Serpent Startles Citizen on Bernal Hill

Moments ago, Neighbor Ken transmitted this shocking photo of a four-foot gopher snake to the Bernalwood newsroom:

Seen today by Esmeralda steps on Bernal Hill. Coolio!

PHOTO: Neighbor Ken

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18 Responses to Giant Slithering Serpent Startles Citizen on Bernal Hill

  1. How big is that THING! I haven’t seen a snake around my house since moving here in 1993…

  2. FOUR FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SER says:

    No like it! I regularly employ those steps for the purposes of exercise.

  4. Neighbor Ken says:

    Hey, it only wants our gophers, not your sneakers.

  5. kimber says:

    I saw that snake – or another one just like it – cross BH Blvd. last week. He/she is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Rudha-an says:

    That’s a beauty.

  7. joyceonholly says:

    Coolio is right!

  8. madfoot says:

    It is the end times!!!!

  9. BH lovr says:

    All hail the queen!

  10. Almostnative says:

    That scares the hell out of me, just looking at it.

  11. Bronwyn Ximm says:

    It looks awfully proud of its chalk handiwork there.

  12. Michelle Glauser says:

    Wow, that’s so cool!

  13. Kelly says:

    Is that really a wild snake slithering around Bernal? What if a small dog encounters it while walking?

  14. Bernal Lover says:

    I saw a Cat, and one of these Snakes about a year, and a half ago on Powhattan & Prentiss. The Cat was doing what most Cats do. It was toying with the Snake, flipping it up in the air with its paws, & hitting at the Snake. And the Snake just wanted to be left alone, it kept trying to get away from the Cat…soon the Cat got bored, and moved on.

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