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Metachert: Photo of a Photo Captures Essence of Bernal Hill

Check out this fabulous Instagram pic posted by Keith Weaver yesterday. It’s a one-image executive summary of everything you need to know about the geology of Bernal Hill.

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Artist Captures Dog vs. Gopher Confrontation on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Laurie, who has a wonderful propensity to paint watercolors instead of snapping photos, brings us this terrific image that captures the Wild Kingdom drama of a canine/rodent confrontation on Bernal Hill. She writes: This dog was staring intently at … Continue reading

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The Lost History of the Oldsmobile Dealership on Army Street

An interesting bit of Bernal Heights history recently surfaced on the blog of Hemmings Motor News, a national website for serious automobile collectors. As part of a regular feature on defunct car dealerships, Hemmings profiled the former Lesher-Muirhead Oldsmobile in San … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Progressives Adopt Resolution Supporting Suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

This week the progressive Bernal Heights Democratic Club issued a resolution in support of Ross Mirkarimi, the San Francisco Sheriff who was suspended from his post after pleading guilty to one count of false imprisonment stemming from a dispute he … Continue reading

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Brand New “Bernal Heights” EP Inspired by Bernal Heights

Okay, this is fun. The Chocolate Penthouse are an electronic music duo, and for a time they lived (and recorded) in Bernal Heights. The result was a brand new collection of music that they’re calling the Bernal Heights EP: Here … Continue reading

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Springtime Is In Full Bloom Atop Bernal Hill

Neighbor Isaac used an iPhone to capture this bucolic little scene atop Bernal Hill earlier this week. Loovley!

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Stylish Man Creates Custom Bernal Bike Helmet

Our friends at The New Wheel electric bikery on Cortland sent us photos of this stylish gentleman who created a customized a bike helmet to add some local flavor: @Bernalwood A customer took one of our standard Bern helmets and … Continue reading

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Final Redistricting Plan Welcomed by Lost Tribe of College Hill

In the comments to our recent post about the redistricting proposal for the Dominion of Bernalwood and District 9, Neighbor Erika posted an excellent summary of the final redistricting plan — and why it’s a welcome thing for Bernal residents … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Marsupial Makes Rare Daytime Appearance

Neighbor Ken on Rutledge writes: Marsupial in the hood! This guy’s been puttering around our north slope yard late at night. My Jack Russell has been on to him, but no confrontations as yet. I’ve only caught glimpses of his … Continue reading

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Awesome Parody Rap Video Spoofs Noveau San Francisco

Hey bro, SFist tips us to this lolz video: PBR, Dolores Park, Madrone, salted-caramel, guys who wear those brightly colored sunglasses, Bi-Rite Creamery, start-ups, average-size penises — Chris Avery’s parody rap video ‘SF Playa’ pokes fun at San Francisco’s current … Continue reading

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Redistricting Plan Will Alter Geopolitical Landscape for Bernal

It’s been a decade, so the City is now finalizing a redistricting plan for our Supervisors that will likely have some interesting political implications for Bernal Heights. The crux of the plan would revise boundaries of the current district by … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Weather Report: Heavy Downpours with Periods of Exceptionally Bright and Shiny

You probably noticed that yesterday’s on-again-off-again rainstorms featured two very special guest stars: Mr. Thunder and Dr. Lightning. But during the day, the interplay of light, sun, water, and Bernal Heights created some beautiful scenery. I took these phonecam snaps … Continue reading

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Glamorous New Gallery Show for Bernal Artist Colette Crutcher

Lisa from Inclusions Gallery in Cortland sent Bernalwood a telecommunication about a new show opening tomorrow: Colette Crutcher is Bernal Heights resident and an incredibly talented working artist. She is known in and around the city for her numerous public … Continue reading

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