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Photographer Makes 280-101 “Spaghetti Bowl” Look Delicious

Photographer Toby Harriman has taken what may well be the definitive photo of the 280-101 Spaghetti Bowl in southeast Bernal. You can see it above: A crisp, long-exposure shot taken last week that animates the flow of traffic in vivid arterial … Continue reading

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New Marijuana Dispensary “Takes Bernal Heights Up A Notch”

Marijuana criticism is not confined solely to droopy-eyed amateurs; Like the rest of the medical marijuana industry, the field has also developed its own cadre of professionals. One such pro, from the East Bay Express’s Legalization Nation blog, recently took note … Continue reading

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Revised Maps Illustrate Final Bernal Hill Trail Restoration Plan

Slides and notes have now been posted from last week’s meeting about the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s Bernal Trails Project. I wrote up my own notes last week, but I was waiting for Rec and Park to release … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Is for All-Weather Lovers

We know that Bernal Heights is all about the love, but our romance is not just a blue-sky phenomenon. Andrew Curry took this wonderfully atmospheric photo during yesterday’s rainstorms, and he rather brilliantly titled it “Lover Cover.”

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1940 Census Reveals Domestic History of Bernal Households

  There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the recent release of the raw data from the 1940 U.S. Census. From New York to Santa Cruz and everywhere in between, Americans are digging in to the data to understand … Continue reading

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Back of Liberty Cafe to Become Bistro-Style Outdoor Cinema

As you may recall, last fall the Liberty Cafe on Cortland was purchased by the owners of Vega, the Italian restaurant across the street. Now that the new owners have had some time to settle in, they’re preparing to make … Continue reading

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Monday’s Sunrise Was Apparently Quite Lovely

I wasn’t awake to witness it, but Neighbor Anita was, so she captured this tasty photo of yesterday’s sunrise.

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Chatty Sutrito Tower Joins Twitter, Hints at Top Secret Purpose

This was probably inevitable. It’s an established fact that Bernal’s own Sutrito Tower at the top of Bernal Hill is a bit of a Sutro Tower wannabe. Whatever the much bigger, much more famous Sutro does, Sutrito Tower wants to … Continue reading

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Pint-Size Easter Egg Hunter-Gatherers Invade Holly Park

At 10 a.m. sharp on Easter Sunday, the madding crowd could be constrained no longer. “Go!” a voice rang out. And with that, Holly Park was engulfed in a sea of pastel-clad marauders. Unabashedly abetted by their parents, the young … Continue reading

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Jesus Crucified on Bernal Hill (Again)

I was enjoying a delicious dinner at a glamorous French bistro in Potrero Hill on Friday night when suddenly my phone began buzzing maniacally. It was Neighbor Scott, a new Bernal resident who lives in the upper elevations of Folsom Street: … Continue reading

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Now Showing: California Poppies on Bernal Hill

Tis the season for wild California Poppies, and Julie captured several beautiful specimens during a walk on Bernal Hill last weekend: The California State flower is the Eschscholzia californica. Known as the California Poppy or Golden Poppy, it is springing … Continue reading

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Final Plan for Bernal Hill Trail Restoration Unveiled

Wednesday night I attended the last of three planned community meetings on the Bernal Trails Project, along with about twenty neighbors and several representatives from San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks department. I’ve been to all of the meetings, and I’m … Continue reading

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Feral Anatomy Textbook Terrorizes Precitaville

Alongside all the usual handbills about missing cats and lost dogs, this one on Folsom near Precita really stands out: An anatomy textbook has broken free of its shackles and is now on the loose. If you happen to see … Continue reading

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