Rise of the Arachnids: Hatchlings Foreshadow Spider Invasion

Neighbor Amanda snapped this lovely-but-nightmare-inducing photo of baby spiders emerging from a clutch of eggs behind her home on Mullen Avenue. Naturally, this scene is no doubt being, er, reproduced all around Bernal Heights, so don’t be surprised if you start to see more spiders lurking in your yard during the weeks and months ahead.

PHOTO: Neighbor Amanda

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8 Responses to Rise of the Arachnids: Hatchlings Foreshadow Spider Invasion

  1. patty royall says:

    What an amazing shot!

  2. Amy Lambert says:

    I had the same clutch of babies in my backyard a few weeks ago. My pics were mot as nice, however.

  3. j&msmom says:

    oh, if only we had just one bunch of babies! once you see one, you will start to see them everywhere. Feels like they are crawling on me as I type! Trying not to freak out…

  4. chris says:

    Saw that on my back stairs on Mullen!

  5. Yep! They’re in Noe Valley, too. Seems the wind is blowing them your way…


  6. Saw a similar clutch this morning on the Eugenia Steps. I love spiders!

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