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Fabulous Bernal Heights Photographs From Your Neighbors

“The Brow Houses of Franconia Street” by craig sakowitz ¬† Bernalwood is a Land of Plenty, because there are many things we have in abundance. Two of those abundant things are 1) spectacular scenery, and 2) talented photographers. Here is … Continue reading

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Glamorous Scenes from the 2012 Bernal GT

The pictures tell the most important parts of this story: Last weekend a few motorheads from the Bernal Dad’s Racing Team organized the third running of the Bernal GT road rally, and it turned out to be a winning day … Continue reading

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Ancient Decal Reveals Primitive Origins of La Lengua Identity

To properly manage the delicate relationship between the Dominion of Bernalwood and our rebellious vassals from La Lengua, it is important for us to understand the longstanding roots of the La Lenguans’ search for autonomy. Neighbor Ben recently discovered an … Continue reading

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Today’s Illegal Dumping Incident on Prentiss Street

It’s not construction debris, and it’s not on Bernal Heights Boulevard, but Neighbor Andee called in a new dumping incident on Prentiss this morning: There has been another dumping!! ¬†This time at the top of Prentiss Street, right in the … Continue reading

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Prepare: Next NERT Training Session Starts in June

As wonderful as our beloved chert is, Bernal Heights is not impervious to earthquakes. When the Big One comes, professional emergency personnel will be overwhelmed, and the rest of us will have to work together to stay safe and begin … Continue reading

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Errant Waterfowl Makes Cameo Appearance on Precita

This was probably inevitable, but Bernalwood’s growing reputation for glamour and luxury is beginning to attract wannabes and hangers-on. They come here to see and be seen in Bernal Heights… and they don’t really seem to care how well they … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Is Perhaps the Only Part of the #Occupy Movement That Wasn’t Completely Useless

In hindsight, the Occupy movement was a big disappointment. When the movement first took hold last autumn, Occupy’s clever framing of economic issues as a contrast between the uber-affluent 1% of America’s population and the remaining 99% was a masterful … Continue reading

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