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Occupy Bernal Is Perhaps the Only Part of the #Occupy Movement That Wasn’t Completely Useless

In hindsight, the Occupy movement was a big disappointment. When the movement first took hold last autumn, Occupy’s clever framing of economic issues as a contrast between the uber-affluent 1% of America’s population and the remaining 99% was a masterful … Continue reading

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Seniors Invited to Attend SFVillage Meeting, Thurdsay

Neighbor Hollace writes: I am a Bernal resident on Manchester Street.  I am reaching out to other seniors in Bernal to let them know about a meeting with SF Village on Thursday, May 24.  I would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this … Continue reading

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Principal at Paul Revere School Arrested for DUI Hit and Run

MissionLoc@l brings us an unfortunate story about the latest controversy surrounding Sheila Milosky, the controversial principal of Paul Revere School. Apparently, Milosky was arrested in Marin last weekend for a DUI hit and run: Sheila Sammon Milosky, the principal at The … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Power Failure Cripples Cortland!

** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** The electricity went down on Cortland this morning, and as of 9:35 this morning… it’s still down. Bernalwood sources report that caffeine delivery systems are inoperative in cafes up and down the … Continue reading

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Your SFPD Crime Summary for May, 2012; “CSI: Illegal Dumping on Bernal Hill” Edition

Our ever-valiant Neighbors Sarah and Edie attended the monthly crime-summary meeting at the SFPD’s Ingleside Station last week. This meeting was a special edition, with several celebrity guests from other City departments on hand to discuss the ongoing problem of … Continue reading

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Five-Foot Contour Map of Bernal Heights is Handy, Gorgeous

As part of the continuing debate about the true height of Bernal Hill, map/data guru Eric Fischer shares this lovely contour map of our hilly neighborhood, with super-grandular 5′ elevation lines. It’s illustrative and informative! If you zoom all the … Continue reading

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Copernican Groupies Gather on Bernal Hill to View Solar Eclipse

Scientists say the earth revolves around the sun. Others believe the whole thing is a liberal conspiracy concocted by scientists with a heliocentric agenda. Opinions differ, but among the former crowd, Sunday evening’s solar eclipse was a pretty big deal. … Continue reading

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Saturday: Music and Prose at Charlie’s Cafe

The always-neighborly Charlie from Charlie’s Cafe on the Folsom end of Precita Park has introduced a live-performance series called “Saturdays at Charlie’s”, and the next event is happening tomorrow from 2-4 pm: Join us on Saturday May 19th from 2~4pm … Continue reading

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Collage Shows Creepy-Crawly Creatures Found on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Mike shared this tastefully executed collage of creepy-crawly creatures he photographed on Bernal Hill. In it, we see several members of Bernalwood’s recurring cast of natural horrors, including the California slender salamander Western fence lizard, the Jerusalem Cricket, the gopher … Continue reading

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Average Rents In Bernal Heights Climb 65% In One Year

Bernal Heights is famous and glamorous, and that’s generally a good thing; With our so-hot-right-now reputation comes new amenities, new accolades, and VIP invitations to all the right parties. But there are also downsides to our celebrity status, and increased … Continue reading

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Fifty Years Ago: “Ugly Hill to Be Beautified” with Construction of New Microwave Relay Tower

I printed this article off the microfilm at the San Francisco Main Library, but unfortunately, the accompanying photo came out badly. It’s obviously a view looking east, and there looks to be a structure on top of the hill, despite … Continue reading

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Misplaced Mulch Gets Citation for Illegal Dumping

On Sunday afternoon, while on a routine journalism patrol atop Bernal Hill, I noticed a large pile of vegetation that had been unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the sidewalk on the south side of Bernal Heights Boulevard. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Happily, there was … Continue reading

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Last Vestiges of Infamous Nasser Market Disappear

Neighbor Lessley brings us this update on the evolution of the former Nasser Market space on the corner of Crescent and Anderson: Nasser Market, the infamous Crescent Ave. liquor store that inspired a 2008 murder and served as a drug … Continue reading

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